Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Take a look at the latest blog projects I have going.....

Polyvore - Personal Syle Challenge: The Little Black Dress Edition 

Sister project to the group Personal Style Challenge, this challenge calls for you to place your personal stamp on a Little Black Dress.

If faced with a simple black dress how would you style it?
Go on and chose a simple LBD of your choice and style it to your tastes.

Can't wait to see what all of you do!

Project 365 - Document a year in the life of you, one photo at a time

This is a brand new undertaking of mine and a fabulous one at that :) I love photography and this is the ultimate motivation to keep at it. What a fabulous keep sake? You next fabulous year documented day by day, photo by photo.

I have 10 invites to give away so head on over to the site and start saying cheese.......

Project Independence

If you have any big goals or life changing decisions that you would like to achieve start your own PROJECT - name it what ever you would like, even the same as mine and leave the link in the comments section or email me so that I can support you in PROJECT.

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