Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey Guys,

So here are a few fun and useful websites that I have stumbled upon :)

For those who love traveling TripIt is a really awesome way of keeping track of your plans and allows you to share your plans with others.

For the organized among you Bloglines is great way to keep track of all your favourites on one page. Similarly Listography: Life in lists - lets you create an account in which you can keep lits of anything you like and share with other. It even has a "list generator" to keep you inspired.

And finally, for the readers and creative umong you, you can finally create your own books with Blurb. It can be anything you like. From a novel to a wedding album the only limit is your creation. After you have created your masterpiece you can then have it printed and shipped to your door.

Have fun and enjoy :)


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