Friday, July 24, 2009

The essential wardrobe item

Since embarking on my own style quest for the "perfect wardrobe", the idea of the "closet essentials" or "basics" have been a big discussion is any series or article on wardrobe. Each list has a few variations but items like a plain white t-shirt and black pencil skirt for instance have been on most. However, these do not fit in with everyone's unique style and owning these items does not necessarily mean you will use them. If you have an office job a pencil skirt will definitely come in handy but if you are a personal trainer, not so much. Thus the article Real-life wardrobe taming: Getting inspired over at The Glamourous Grad Student was a real interesting read and turned the whole concept of starting from the basics up on its head.

I do agree completely with this notion that these "basics" are not necessarily the building blocks of everyone's wardrobe. I DO however believe that there is one item, that no matter what, should be included in everyone's closet as a practical and aesthetic tool.


I really believe that no matter where you live in the world that a trench coat will com in handy. What could be more versatile? You get them in different lengths, styles, colours, material. The can be thick and cosy or light and more airy for warmer climates. The come in every style and fashion ternch possible as the trench is re-invented each season with the trends. Banana Republic even did a sleeveless trench.

A style for every taste and can be worn to any occasion. In my opinion the trench is the ultimate useful wardrobe basic!

Have fun and enjoy :)


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