Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Handbag essentials

I'm quite a curious person and the group "What's in your bag" on flickr is always an interesting persual. While the contents of each womens bag is as varied and different as the person themselves I think that there are a few essential items that are useful on the go.

This of course is the most essential item. It carries your cash, cards, driver's license and possibly your ID. You can also keep your reciepts and other important notes. I, myself love wallets and think the process of finding a wallet is as important as finding the perfect handbag. I bought mine overseas in Florida. Its a fabulous turquiose, genuine leather fossil wallet with white stitching and I love it. If Tom Flisha was to "Dress my nest" I would use is one of my style items, that is how much it reprents me.

Never go anywhere without your keys. Its always very important to make sure you know where your keys are. There is nothing worse that loosing them. On a positve note, keys give you the opportunity to fun and funky with key chain. I love having intersting and fun key chains and its another reflection if your personality.

Always have a charged phone with plenty of airtime in case of emergencies. Keeping in touch is very important and what better way to do so than an sms. You never know when someone will be looking for you. 

Touch ups through out the day are always necessary and I have a small black mesh makeup bag that I carry around with the essentials like mascara and lip gloss.   

Hand cream
One of my pet peeves is having dry hands. i can't stand it and so I always have to carry a large tub of body shop almond hand lotion. Nothing is worse than the feeling of having dry hands.    

Contact lenses
Most of the time I wear my contact so I always carry a small travel sized container of solution, my contact lenses case as well as my glasses with me at all times just in case.   

Sunglasses are a must have in sunny weather especially if you drive. They also double as a fabulous fashion accessory and had pizazz to any outfit.

Sanitary wear
You never know when you might find yourself in an unexpected situation so I always important to carry a supply of pantyliner's, pad and tampons.

A very useful thing to have in case of cramps or unexpected headaches or other aches and pains. I often find myself getting in the summer from not drinking enough water.

Notebook and pen 
I like to be organised and am always making lists of errands and things that need doing so I never leave the house without my moleskin notebook and pen which was a birthday present. I love the fact that it has an elastic band around it which allows me to keep extra notes and loose pieces of paper inside. 

I love photos. Lately my passion for taking photo's has dwindled slightly but I am determined to start again. I like to document my life's journey.
Pepper spray
I always carry pepper spray with me wherever I go. I often find myself out and about in the evening alone walking home or even going to do errands during the day and I'm never without it. When I was in Canada I was quite suprised to learn that pepper spray is illegal.

As beautiful as Cape Town is the weather is a nightmare in terms of consistency. You could have all four seasons in one day.  Therefore it is very important to be prepared.

What do you carry in your bag? What are your essential can't leave home without items?

Have an inspirational day :)


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