Wednesday, September 30, 2009

*WiSh LiSt WeDnEsDaY*

I'm planning on making this a monthly feature show casing the items I am currently looking for or lusting after. And so, for the month of October......

Wednesday wishlist

Most of you know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Gilmore Girls and I have every series on DVD except number 6 and have been hunting for it for ages, the hunt continues. I rather like the gladiator shoe trend and want both a flat and heeled pair. Whether they go in or out of fashion in the future I like he design and think that they complement my wardrobe and I will be wearing them for a long time. The tulip skirt has been intruging me for some time now and I've been a tad selfconscious to buy one but I have decided so what I like it and will be wearing in or out of fashion so i'm going to gt one :) And finally, a new swimming costume. I have no idea the exact style im going to get, although im leaning towards a two piece, but I'm hoping for something in red. I though this one with the bows was just so cute. So, this is what I am on the prowl for this month, wish me luck :)

Do you have any clothing missions this month? What items are on your must have list?

have an inspirational day


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