Friday, October 23, 2009

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For those of you that didn't know, I am a self proclaimed bookworm. I have always loved to read and I think it stemmed from the fact that my aunt always used to take me to the library with her every two week since I was quite young. Also quite possibly because my sister was quite competitive and wanted to show off so she taught me how to read those very simple childrens picture books by rote, haha. I still have the first book she taught me to read.

And so, to share my love of all things readable I have opened my own store on Amazon :) so all you lovely ladies can peruse my favourite reads. I do stress my not trying to make money off of you its is simply a way to expose you to authors that I love and want others to read. I love it if you all would share with us your favourite books and then I will add them to the store. I want it to be a reference place, somewhere for you to explore and meet new authors. A sort of Book Club space if you will. I will try my best add often and do post about my new favourites. I am also going to be doing research into different books so if there is a topic or type of book you are looking for let me know and I'll find something for you:). The link is in the left hand column, I'm still adding as I go and as I remember so don't worry if it looks a little scarce at the moment.

Hope you like it!!


What are some of your favourite books? Got any suggestions? Have you read any of the authors yet? What other categories would you like to see?Any books you are looking for? Don't be shy, leave a comment!

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