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Wishlist Wednesday

Wednesday Wishlist - November
Wednesday Wishlist - November by **eLLa** on

I have officially declared November as my no spend month as in keeping with my birthday list of 16 Things. This however does not mean that I'm still not lusting after loads stuff, sigh. This month I have focused on beauty products as I was in The Body Shop last week looking for a good daytime sunscreen that wasn't overly expensive but didn't make my face look like a grease pit. I was successful in my search and picked up the Aloe range SPF 15 for sensitive skin. While I was there a number of other products caught my eye. 

Here they are starting from the top:

  1. Macademia Nut Straightening Balm - the product info says it a humidity-resistant balm that gives hair a smooth and sleek look, perfect for use with heated styling products. Apply to towel dried hair. i have yet to find a product that really gives me that sleek look I long for. I have very fine hair so it easily gets weighed down with product and has tonnes of fly a ways. So Im eager to try and see if this is the product for me.
  2. Grape Seed Glossing Serum - this product is said to add great gloss and shine to hair without weighing it down. This is something that I would normally use when going to a fancy/formal even to add even more fabulousness to me look :P
  3. Billbery Colour Protect Detangler - this product is definately one that stands out for me. It is a light leaving detangling conditioner with a built in UV filter! The sun here is vicious so any product that has UV filters in it or SPF's gets my attention. A real must have item if you ask me, can't wait to try it.
  4. Amika Leave In Conditioner - this product is said to be good for dry, damaged and tired hair. It put back all that losst moisture for soft managable hair. Dry hair is something that I do suffer from time to time so really want to give it a test run to see if it can help my hair out.  
From the left we have a few items that I really should pick up:
  1. Polka Dot Shower Cap - I love the colours on it :) My main reason for wanting one is so that I can cover my hair up property when I'm in the shower and I don't want it too get wet. If I just tie it up it always fizzes because of the steam and I end up having to wash it anyway!
  2. EyeLash Curler - While I have been told my many a makeup artist that I have lovely long curly lashes there are still a stray lash or too that manage to stick out straight, aarrrggghh. I've seen the transformation that a lash curler can make. Amazing. Just remember girls, curl first, mascara second. 
  3. Pocket sized mirror - I really need a neat little mirror to stow in my hand bag. This one is not really my taste. The body shop has in the past had beautiful round jeweled mirrors. The ones that you open up. So I'm hoping that they get some more of those in soon :)
  4. A wide tooth comb - I really need to get a proper wide tooth comb for applying conditioner and stopping hair breakage. This one is great although I would also love to find one with a curved handle that allows you to hand it up in the shower for easy use :) 
Onto the skin care products:
  1. Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisturizing Cream - Because the unbearable heat here in summer it is imperative that I wear sunscreen each and every day. While it would be optimal to wear on SPF over 15, it is so difficult to find one that I can a.) afford and b.) that doesn't make my face look like a grease pit. So for the moment, the aloe version of this product is doing the job and I plan to try this Vitamin E one next.
  2. Vitamin E Face Mist - This product really intrigued me. I've read in the odd fashion magazine about using such a product but I have never actually come across one. Its is supposed to be a great pick me up for tired or dry skin. It is also supposed to be great for setting make up. I really want to give it a try also because it get so hot here that a face spritz would be a very refreshing thing to have around. 
  3. Lastly, Vitamin E Skin Care Kit - a really great way to test out a range to see if it is for you. It contains a face wash, toner and a pot of day cream and a pot of night cream. The main reason this caught my eye was the great travel sized containers. I'm always on the go and staying over a night here and a night there and constantly living out of a suitcase as I move between my place, my parents place, my sisters place and my boyfriends place, lol. And its really irritating when I have to lug huge bottles of beauty products for a night or two so these are great! I really want to get myself a pack for easy travel.
 Whats on your wishlist for the coming month? Have an of you ever used The Body Shop's  skin care lines? Leave a comment!


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