Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Signature Fashion and Beauty Items

Quintessential LBD – it doesn't actually have to be black, view it more as the perfect dress that works for all occasions whatever you style it should represent you

Heavenly Heels – find your crowning jewel of heels, a pair that goes with your wardrobe meaning you can wear it with everything and that are a dream to walk in

Ultimate Coat – whether it be a full trench or a cropped style, find your perfect go to coat in a colour, print and style that is versatile for your look

Go To Pants – whether they are jeans or a pair of wide leg sacks or even a pair of cargo pants create a signature outfit with these pants as an item you can always fall back on

Statement Jewellery Piece – one accessory that is unique to you, something that people recognise you by, whether it's a ring, brooch, pin, earrings or a watch, something that makes you feel uniquely you

Lavish Handbag – you use it every day and it should be a bold statement of who you are, find something that is very "you" and that fits in with the style of your wardrobe

Signature Scent – find a scent that that you love that sets you apart from the rest, it can be a body spray or a perfume that makes you feel amazing and distinguishes you from everyone else

Perfect Polish – everyone should have a "signature" colour that they use that represents them, whether it be fun patterned toe nails or blood red fingernails or the absence of nail polish for a neat and natural look

Statement Lip Colour – every woman should find their perfect lip colour, the one that compliments their skin to perfection and gives them that polished and put together look

Ideal Haircut – every young woman should spend time being adventurous with their hair to find out whether long or short hair suits them and what their "ideal cut" is

What are your signature items? Do you have everything on this list? What would you add? What is your ideal polish, scent and lip colour? Are you still looking for your signature pieces? Leave a comment :)


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