Thursday, November 26, 2009

5 Important People

Every lady should in her lifetime have successfully tracked down her ideal 5 people. These people will make your life run much smoother and they should all be on speed dial :)

1.) Your GP - every lady should find her perfect doctor. Someone you gel with, that you are not afraid or embarrassed to open up to. Whether it be male doctors or female doctors that you prefer, young or older. Hunt out someone you feel will see to all your health related issues.

2.) A hairdresser - as I'm sure many of you have experienced, having your haircut can at times not be a pleasant experience and there is nothing worse than walking out of a salon with completely the wrong haircut. So its really worth hunting out a hairdresser that you love. Someone who cuts your hair just how you like it and with whom you get along, whether you are a chatty person or more quiet, your hairdresser should fit your preferences.

3.) A tailor - is a very valuble assets to have. It is very rare that you are always going to get something off the rack that fits you to a tee so finding a good tailor is a must. They can do anything from something as small as sew on a button or take up a hem to completely altering and dress or even creating something from stratch.

4.) A handyman - whether you have a boyfriend who you can call on or not its always a good idea to have the number of a good handyman with reasonable rates who can fix anything from a leak to an electrical prolem. Its important to get someone reliable who you know will do a good job and not rip you off.

5.) A "bank manager" - this could in fact be someon from your bank that you have a good relationship or if you are quite well off your financial advisor but for the rest of us, its simply someone to whom you can turn for sound financial advice. Whether it be investing or how to buy your first car.

Who are indespensible people in your life besides your family and friends? Who do you have on speed dial? :)


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