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Ladies of the Blogisphere - A


23, almost 24!

The Glamourous Grad Student

How did you choose your blogs name?

Well, I'm a grad student, and at the time I was trying to go in a more glamourous direction with my style! So it made sense. Not sure what I'll do when I graduate though!!

How long have you been blogging for:

It's been almost 2 years

How did you come up with the concept of your blog? Or has it evolve over time / Do you write based on your own experience or does a lot of research go into each post: 
I started blogging just to keep track of my thoughts about my own style. In college I didn't really have a sense of who I was or how I wanted to present myself to the rest of the world and when I started grad school this started to change, one realization at a time. I didn't want to forget those lightbulb moments (like when it suddenly hit me precisely why jeans were never going to work for me no matter how militantly the fashion magazines proclaimed their necessity) so I started the blog as a place to jot them all down! It has definitely evolved as I have also grown. I still write about my own experiences but I also feel more confident giving my own opinion or advice, and putting my own experiences into a broader context.

What keeps you inspired to keep blogging / Where do the ideas for you posts come from:
I keep blogging because every day through all kinds of media, women are presented with the most ridiculous standards and the most baffling and contradictory messages about lifestyles, fashion, beauty... Everything! It seems to me that our society moves the goalposts of what it means to be attractive and successful and whatnot to often that it's impossible to be ever reach them and most of the time they're not where you want to be anyways. My ideas come from my own experiences of taking a more personal, individual and somewhat more reliable approach to feeling beautiful, stylish and happy by discovering what works for me.

What are the three blogs that inspire you the most:
I am inspired by Sarah Von of Yes and Yes, who is just so incredibly natural, witty and adventurous. I read a lot of blogs, and enjoy them all in different ways, but Sarah is the one of a kind.

What have you learnt from having your own blog:
Well, I know a heap about HTML that I didn't know before!

What would you say is necessary for a successful blog:
I think it really depends on what successful means to you. Is it a large following, a small but loyal readership, an active community of commenters? Do you want a blog that you can earn a living from or one that is recognized and linked back to be other bloggers, or one that is noticed by PR people who'll send you free goodies? Success means different things to different people. In most cases though, strong content, regular updates and a clean, uncluttered blog design is always helpful.

Why do you think your blog is so popular: 
I don't really think of my blog as being popular... Popularity was never a goal of mine when I started blogging. I just wanted to write down my thoughts. With hindsight perhaps that was what made my blog a little different. I'm not a fashion expert, I've no professional knowledge or education in the fashion world. I just write from my own experiences and I think other woman relate to what I write.

Do think that you will continue blogging when you leave varsity and enter the working world:
Good question! I really have no idea.

From your blog, we all know you are a graduate student busy with your PH D (correct me if I’m wrong), what field of study are you in and what made you go into that field and what year are you?
If you could have any career in the world (other than what you are studying), what would it be and why:

Yes, I'm a PhD student, hopefully finishing up in the next year or so. I'm a scientist, and what I do just suits my personality very well. I like logic, and am really analytical, so I actually enjoy working with numbers and statistics. I'm geek chic and proud of it! Also, academics are such a lovely lot to be around! In an alternate universe, where I had a head for business, I could totally see myself owning and running a patisserie bakery.

Who taught you about fashion and style:
I approached fashion and style in a really left-brained kind of way. I've been known to use equations for permutations to work out how many outfits can be made from a collection of clothes. When I first got into style I became very observant of what other people were wearing. On the street, on TV shows, in movies... I would visit The Sartorialist a lot and analyze the photos I liked to see what it was that I liked in them. It all made me very aware of what's out there, style-wise, and what I like and don't like.

What are your basic wardrobe essentials:
Cami tops and knits for layering, figure-hugging skirts, medium-heel shoes and boots and cute coats.

What is your fashion mantra:

I try to follow Coco Chanel's advice: "A girl should be two things... classy and fabulous"

What are your top shopping tips:
Research! Use the internet to see what's in stores and avoid disappointment and impulse buying.

What does your daily make up routine consist of:
Not a whole lot, really! I like to keep my daytime makeup pretty, natural and minimal. I use concealor, foundation powder and a pretty blush, a stain and some balm for the lips and a little neutral shadow, liner and mascara for the eyes.

What is your evening/going out make up routine:
I don't go out much so I don't have a routine for this! I might line my eyes a little heavier or wear a jewel-toned shadow, but I still keep things pretty simple, even at night.

Aside from writing and your blog what are your other interests and hobbies:
I love baking. Cupcakes are my specialty but I'm branching out into pies! I like to swim and cycle too, and like to run once the scenery's nice! I like to hang out with my dog, and my darling boyfriend of course. I also quite like to dance but I've never had a scrap of formal training. I'd like to change that!

I love reading and am always curious as to what peoples favourite books are, what is your favourite book:
There's a special place in my heart for Sherlock Holmes!

What is your favourite food:

I love Chinese food and could pretty much have it every day.

Of all the places you have traveled with is your favourite place and why:

Paris and Vienna are my favourite cities, places where I feel very at ease and at home.

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