Monday, November 16, 2009

A new take on 5 a day

 - I discovered this really useful little article that I had snipped out of a magazine many moons ago and wanted to share it with you

Five portions of fruit and veg a day are essential for a healthy diet. Now you can boost your emotional well-being too, with thtese 'get happy' snacks:

1. Laughter
  - The increased flow of natural, feel-good hormones in your brain will leave you on a happy high

2. Optimism
 - A sunny attitude helps stop minor set-backs affecting you in the long run

3. Appreciation
 - Spend a few months moments concentrating on all the brilliant things in your life, like your closet friends, your family and your health

4. Creativity
 - Using your imagination - whether that's writing a diary entry, redecorating your bedroom or taking up a new hobby - lightens up your life

5. Me-Time
Do what makes you happy far at least ten minutes a day, like playing with new make-up tecniques, reading a book or walking your dog

What sort of things do you do? What makes you laught? What are you appreciative for? How do you stay optimistic? What are our creative outlets? What do you do during your me-time/ What areas do you already incorporate into your life? Which do you still have to work on? Leave a comment :)


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