Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding Guest Makeup

Here are my suggestions for flawless, flattering wedding guest makeup step by step:

Before you start it is in opinion that you need to make sure that you have moisturized skin. Make sure you are using the correct moisturizer for your skin type. I would even go as far as saying that it is a good idea to apply a moisturizing mask to your skin to guarantee soft supple skin as there is nothing worse than applying makeup to dry skin. The better condition that your skin is in, the less makeup you need to give your skin a flawless finished look.

Step one – apply a sheer tinted moisturizer or “smart makeup” foundation which gives a sheer coverage without caking the skin. The look you are going for is smooth flawless skin that is natural. It also allows for a great base for eye shadow and lip colour.

Step two – once you have you coverage you should move through your routine from the “top down” so to speak. Start with the eyes and work your way down. I like to stay with nice neutral palette when it comes to eye shadow and create impact in other areas. I usually apply a smoky brown colour to the lid, it is also a great colour to blend with. I then apply silver to the brow bone to highlight and widen the eyes.

Step three – finish off the eyes by lining the top lid from corner to corner. If you like to you can line the lower lid but for me this can be a bit harsh for wedding makeup. Lastly, coat the lashes with two coats of mascara making sure to coat each tiny lash for real impact.

Step four – working your way down the face, the cheeks are the next area. While in my everyday routine I like the sheer flush of colour that a cream blush provides, when it comes to special occasion make up, especially when photos are a factor, I like the bright pop of colour that powder blush provides. I usually like a rosy pink colour but always use a colour that suits your skin tone. Another technique that can be used for a really bright cheek is to layer cream blush with a powder on top to gradually build more colour.

Step five – the final step is to choose you lip colour and type. I like to use lip tints, Bloom Cosmetics does a great line of lip tints that are moisturizing and not too harsh. They have the feel of a lip balm and also contain natural oils like avocado and scents of vanilla as well as an SPF of 8. Gloss is also a good option but can be a bit messy when it comes to eating and drinking. Lipstick is of course also a good choice but I find that it can be a bit drying to my lips. Again, go with a colour that suits your skin tone. I am a fan of berry colours as well as reds to make a statement.

A good rule of thumb to have whenever you are applying makeup is to pick one area, to emphasize, eyes, cheeks or lips and make that the focal point instead of having dark eyes, bright cheeks and a strong lip all competing against one another.

Do you change your make up routine for special occasions or events? What are your makeup secrets? What do you think of my approach to special occasion makeup? Leave a comment!


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