Saturday, January 9, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Housekeeping checklist

  Got this adorable list from a book of my sisters, not sure what it was called but since I've moved back into my own place it has become quite useful once again.

Once a day

_ Bed: Make it.

_ Phone: Charge it.

_ Laundry: Dirty – bin it; clean – put it away.

_ Windows and curtains: Open and air room.

_ Cushions: Plump.

_ Write "to do" list: Grocery store, errands ect.

_ Tissues, clutter, junk mail: All to bin and empty.

_ Bins in the kitchen: Empty, especially if you had takeout.

_ Black bin bags: Take them OUT – so unsightly.

_ Washing up: Ensure washing up is done daily, if not after each meal, to avoid build-up and growth of mould.

_ Wipe down: Worktops, the table, and frequented surfaces.

_ Blow out: All candles before leaving the house.

_ Sweep room: If time, or dustpan and brush.

_ Water plants: Indoors and out, check cut flowers.

Once a week

_ Duvet covers and pillows: Change them. Note: pillowcases and duvets must always be part of a matching set.

_ Carpets and rugs: Hoover.

Get the Vileda Supermop out and take it for a spin, particularly in kitchen and bathroom and on any lino flooring.

_ Toilets: Disinfect. Grim, but got to be done. Put your marigolds on.

_Widow Twankie: Get your laundry up to date; essential to keep clean undies and freshly pressed jeans in constant cycle.

_ Ocado order: Make online selection for supermarket home delivery, unless you have a pair of shoes that need supermarket training.

Once a month

_ Wipe, dust and polish: Your lair from top to toe. Yes, this does include windows and windowsills. For wooden furniture use beeswax polish; not only does it smell heavenly, but the furniture will repay you for your care and attention.

_ Hoover or sweep: (Flooring) under sofas and beds

_ Fridge: Ruthlessly eliminate any foods that are past their sell by date. Apply this to magazines and old papers; will you really want them in three years? If yes, file; if not, relegate to recycle.

_ Cooker inspection: Have you used it? If so clean it, and the same applies to your microwave; give it a wipe inside and out.

_ Dance around: With a feather duster and try to get corners.

_ Feeling energetic: Flip your mattress.

_ Go deep: Go right into the depths of the laundry bin and check nothing is loitering there.

Once a year

_ Outing: Manuals and well-groomed housewives recommend and annual trip to the cleaners for duvets, quilts and rugs.

_ Curtains and blinds: Take down for an annual spring clean.

_ Dust: Attack the tops and bottoms of all the nooks and crannies that you neglect in a weekly or monthly blitz.

_ Investigate: Exactly what you have stored under the stairs.

OR – get professional cleaners to come for half a day and blitz everything with industrial strength while you go to the gallery or something.

In addition to 'I'm washing my hair', reason for refusing a date can now include:

    Filing paperwork, love letters and bills, doing tax returns.

    Cleaning cupboards, in kitchen, bathroom and beyond.

    Dusting your chandelier.

    Polishing silverware and jewellery.

    Sorting out your underwear drawer – refold, and chuck.


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