Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Mantra for 2010

I have been somewhat frustrated with my wardrobe for some time now. I really feel that the pieces I have are not congruent with the person that I am and want to present to the world. And while a whole new wardrobe and shopping spree would seem to be the answer I believe that in order to achieve my goal I need a solid plan that will allow me to build a new wardrobe over time.

Thus this my new approach to tackling my wardrobe:

  • shopping around, trying new and different stores
  • taking my time, looking at lots of different stores and seeing everything that is out there before deciding what to buy
  • quality over quantity, buying one good quality or favoured piece over 4 or 5 trendy inferior pieces
  • love over lust, buying one piece that I love as opposed to something I think is cute and have seen in magazines or on other girls
  • finding inspiration, using the internet and magazines for inspiration on pieces that I love and help me in the shopping process
  • making a list, using a list to search for the exact items that will make up my ideal wardrobe
What is your approach to shopping? Leave a comment :)


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