Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentines Day Blog Carnival

Theme: Valentines Day

Time: 10AM (Time zone +2:00)

Date: 8 - 21st of February 2010 (the week preceding Valentines and the week after)

Place: *eLLa* inspired


After the success of Decembers Blog Carnival its time for another one! I got loads of positive feedback and many were disappointed as to not knowing about it as they wanted to enter. So, this time its going to work a little differently. Entries will be a three step process:

Step one:
You have decided to enter. Write a small post or simply put a link to this post at the end of your latest blog post saying that you are taking part and anyone interested should head on over.

Step two:
Write and submit your post. New and old posts are welcome as long as they fit the theme. See suggestions below.

Step three:
On the day that your post is scheduled to be up write a short post/link at the end of a post telling readers that your work is up.

Its as easy as that! This way everyone will have the opportunity to take part :)

So get those submissions in. Be creative write about relationships, date ideas, singles, fashion&make up ideas, recipes, valentines day events, gift ideas ect. The possibilities are endless!!

Entries should include:

  • New or old post
  • An email link or word document containing the post and its accompanying image
  • Your name
  • Your blogs name


Send entries to or via my handy contact form.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

So excited to read all of you entries :)


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