Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

To start the new year off these are the items that I am currently keeping a lookout for:

1.) A new pair of sunglasses - I left my old ones in a dressing room while shopping:(

2.) A new signature scent - I have always just used what I happen to get as a present so this year I want to get my very own perfume

3.) A new bikini - as you may remember this item was on a previous list as well, the hunt continues

4.) A new hat for the beach - while the one here is a little more extravagant than what I want, I am on the market for a woven fedora style piece

5.) Summer dresses - I am on the look out for some cute summer dresses that I can just slip on and that can translate from day to night 

6.) A new handbag - while I am still very thrilled with my trusty black handbag that I purchase for next to nothing a few months ago I am ready to add a colourful companion (not quite as bright)

7.) A belt - for some time now I have toyed with the idea of belts and with the recent purchase of a fabulous navy dress that just screams to styled with a beige woven belt, as pictured

8.) New flats - I have a few pairs of ballet flats in neutral colours but would like to get a few embellished or coloured ones.

9.) New boots - as winter stuff starts to come into the stores I am on the hunt for a pair of winter boots for everyday wear to balance out my heeled booties which are for fancier occasions

10.) Winter jerseys - despite having lived in Canada last year and surviving -25 degrees my winter clothing is scarce so I want to get a good collection of winter jerseys and tops together

What is on your new year wishlist? Leave a comment :)


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