Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Tackle A Major Wardrobe Makeover - Part One

A lot of my wardrobe over the years has been supplied by my mother over the years and since she was never taught the art of compiling a wardrobe, bless her, shopping was always a haphazard affair of randomly bought pieces that never quite fit together. As I got older I always craved a well put together wardrobe and look but didn't know how to go about it. Since discovering the world of blogging last year I tapped in to a world of amazing knowledge and ideas which has fueled my wardrobe revolution.

As of yet I have made small gradual changes and at this point feel that while I have definitely made progress there is still much to be desired. I am now in a more independent place money, taste and lifestyle wise where i can take control of my wardrobe and not be overshadowed by my families tastes and monetary constraints.

Thus I have come up with my own plan to create the ultimate wardrobe:




Theses are the three steps that I am taking on my wardrobe revolution journey :)

Firstly, and most importantly is INSPIRATION and it is everywhere!

Places to find it:
 - people watching: I work in a charming little boutique and as a result I get to see a lot of different tastes and styles which I love. Its a constant stream of inspiration. It also helps me to define my own aesthetic because when I look at what overs are wearing more importantly HOW they are wearing it I always find myself thinking either that I love that or thats new and interesting or I hate that. So, go for coffee or lunch somewhere there is a lot of people traffic and watch them go by, if you are really studious take a notebook and jot down ideas or even more adventurous, your camera and take a few snap shots.

 - magazines: I used to buy loads and loads but know I buy two each month that i read cover to cover and that have fun and interesting fashion spreads in them. I'm always cutting out pics of clothes I like and more specifically looks that I like and I pinpoint the elements of the look that I love and how I could recreate the look and feel.

 - blogs and websites: there is a wealth of info out there on creating your perfect wardrobe. I think that each person mode of attach has some good points and so for me when I read those articles I take out certain elements that make sense to me and I use them. That way I find a unique method tailored to my needs. There are also a lot of bloggers who do outfit posts as well as runway looks which are all great places to look.

 - celebrities: I love to look to celebrities for inspiration. They often sport what I call a "complete look" and this always helps me to draw my outfit, hair, make up and jewelry together. Also, celebrities are always spotted in various looks from casual to red carpet which is also helpful.

Where do you get wardrobe inspiration from? What are your favourite looks? Leave a comment :)



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