Friday, March 26, 2010

Distance Learning - study tips

For those of you who were not aware, I am completing my current year of studies via distance learning. We have a really awesome University here called UNISA through whom you can do almost any degree you like. While, in my opinion, it takes a certain type of temperament for distance learning anyone can do it as long as you are dedicated and have a lot of self-discipline. 

Theses are tips and tricks that I use in everyday studies:

  • make use of a month view calendar to jot down assignments as there is no one to remind you 
  • assign each subject a specific colour, this way assignments and test noted on your calender are easy to identify
  • submit small assignments first and early that way you won't forget and can spend all your time doing longer ones 
  • make sure to get all your textbooks as there are not lecture notes or people to borrow from
  • where possible submit all assignments online, post has been known to disappear or not arrive on time
  • have regular contact with your department and its lecturers as their input and assistance can be invaluable
  • always double check due dates, test and exam dates and venues as they can change without you realizing
  • study regularly otherwise you are going to find yourself regularly pulling all nighters 
  • make sure to request any books, articles or journals well in advance 
  • always keep a printed and an electronic copy of your work for resubmission should there be a problem
  • form a study group with others in your area and discuss common difficulties
  • set yourself a structured study time with a particular subject and an end goal in mind

Happy studying :)

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