Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun and fabulous fashion and beauty

  • Embrace the fact that white is becoming a new evening colour and switch your LBD for a LWD
  • Find a signature accessory and stand out from the crowd
  • Try out the new plait hairstyles that celebrities are rocking on the red carpet these days
  • Whether it is getting warmer or getting colder on your side of the earth switch up your look by pairing feminine dresses with masculine boots for a fresh new look
  • Buy a new perfume and wear it everywhere, perfume is not just for special occasions
  • Search for belts in the mens department you might just find a treasure 
  • To avoid chips, remove excess oil with a swipe of polish remover before applying nail varnish
  • Whether it is summer or winter remember to hydrate your skin with loads of body lotion
  • When applying moisturizer to your skin give your face a massage, this will improve circulation and blood flow to the face ensuring healthy and plump skin

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