Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh So Heavenly - Pamper Me

Quite a while ago I wrote a post on how to give yourself the ultimate pedicure. Since then one of my favourite product lines "Oh So Heavenly" put out a brand new range of pedicure products called "Pamper Me". They also had a foot spa range with exfoliation products ect which I used before with great results but this new range is specifically designed to be "Pedi-Perfect" and comes in the cutest packaging ever!

There are 4 basic steps and a few additional products you can purchase but always start with the basics :)

1.) Pedi-Perfect Pampering Duo Foot Soak with rosehip oil smells amazing and after soaking your feet are as soft as ever

2.) Pamper Me Pretty Restoring Foot Mask is luxuriously thick and decadent helping to soften stubborn dry skin and lock in moisture

3.) Hot on your Heels Thermal Foot Scrub sloughs of all the dry and dead skin while warming your feet with its thermal experience 

4.) Fancy Feet Moisturizing Foot Butter is a thick moisturizing cream with pearls of oil to complete the experience

This fabulous range is exclusive to Clicks (SA's version of Shoppers Drug Mart). This review was not sponsored by Clicks or Oh So Heavenly. 

Was considering doing a giveaway with a hamper of "Pamper Me" products, would anyone be interested?


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