Thursday, April 8, 2010

How To Tackle A Major Wardrobe Makeover - Part Two

In my own wardrobe makeover I have discovered the following things:

  1. I have out grown my current wardrobe (figuratively) 
  2. My taste in clothes have changed
  3. My needs are different
  4. My life is a lot more multi-purpose
After looking through my own sources of inspiration, a large amount which actually came from observing the clients I deal with on a day to day basis at the boutique I work at, and noting what I am drawn to I realized that my wardrobe does in no way reflect my shift in taste. It is sorely lacking in the pieces that I love and that in order to feel more like dressing up and looking fabulous everyday I need to be inspired and coaxed by every item in closet.


My aim: To foster a wardrobe full of unique, quirky and inspirational pieces that can be mixed and matched to allow for a fabulous look everyday.

Goal: To purge my closet of any item which I do not love and buy only items that are special and that I am in love with otherwise its not worth my time and money.

Realistically, I cannot throw out 90% of my wardrobe at this point otherwise I will be left with nothing to wear thus, I am making four piles: love, like, get rid of and tailor.

Love - is obviously the gems that I am crazy about and make me feel fabulous
Like - are pieces that I wear often and that I need to a certain degree but that do not make me feel amazing but will discard as I replace them
Get rid of - pieces that I don't wear or do not like what so ever
Tailor - pieces that you need to have adjusted in order to wear them

I have already started the purchasing process and got myself a few one of a kind items that I am crazy about and know I will wear all the time. While a few were pricey the cost per wear and the knowledge that with these garments I am prepared for any occasion never having to face the "I have nothing to wear" situation made them worth every cent.

I already have a general idea of the clothes I am going to purge, it always a good idea to be aware of the different areas in your life and sort everything accordingly. Eg, work, casual, formal, sporty ect. If you have a job where you need old clothes to get dirty in or a job like a dance/yoga teacher where you need comfortable clothes this all needs to be taken into account and you should sort and purge accordingly.

Whilst shopping:

  • do it with purpose
  • be picky
  • try new shops
  • try new styles, colours and combinations
  • purchase a few treasured items as opposed to lots of "like" items
  • look before buying (ask sales people to hold things for you, you can always come back)
  • always try on before buying
This process is actually very therapeutic :) I hope these tips helped and if you are currently busy with your own purge, do comment and share your thoughts!


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