Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Baby

As a June Baby there are ups and downs, one up being that I get presents every six months or so, hehe, a downside is that it is in the winter holidays so everyone usually goes on holiday and so no one is around to celebrate with me :(

For the month of June this is what I plan to accomplish:

Get my research project done and dusted
This my very first research article I have ever done and it is very daunting! SO much to do and next to no time to do it in!!!

Have an amazing birthday 
As I mentioned above not many people are around when it comes to my birthday and it usually upsets me quite a bit and I while I love organizing something for my birthday everyone ends up cancelling on me :( So this year I have planned my own day with the one or two people in my life who mean I know will be there regardless :)

Find a new job
There are days when I enjoy my job and quite a few where I hate it but the fear of not finding a new one holds me back from quiting and of course the fact that I need money for food ect, haha. So, this month I am seriously going to hunt around for something better. I don't mind having large amounts of responsibility if I am paid accordingly.....

Get all my applications in order for next year
I barely started the year and I was stressing about what I was going to do next year and I'm still stressing. I have decided to send out all my applications ASAP and see what comes of it. Then I can make a decision based on what I get accepted for, a much more realistic situation to deal with.

What are you goals for June? Anyone else a June Baby? :)

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