Monday, June 7, 2010

Winter Wardrobe Quintessential’s

  1. The long sleeve top – this for me a basic that one can't get by without, excellent for layering or wearing alone they come in various lengths as well as prints. Various necklines are also available as well as the handy ¾ sleeve which I quite like at times, especially while I am studying.
  2. The basic jersey – this is typically a v-neck sweater with long sleeves in a plain colour and a simple texture. However, the round and square neck jersey can also be included in this category. This item is easy to throw on and layer with a lacy cami or contrasting colour for a warm put together look that is simple and elegant.
  3. The coat – whether a swing jacket hitting you at the hips or a full on trench this is a "cannot do without" item. Everyone needs a coat of some form to ward against the wind, rain or snow. There is a lot of room to play here and you can get ones in varying lengths, colours, materials, and prints.
  4. The scarf – I am a hug fan of scarves and they are definitely a winter do as they keep you nice and toasty. Again, there are so many options in terms of colour, texture, thickness, length and print there is something for every taste and style.
  5. The boot – whether ankle, knee length or thigh high, a pair of boots will stand you in good stead for the winter months. This is especially true for me as it rains often here and as well as keeping my feet dry they also keep my jeans or pants dry too.
  6. The skinny/straight leg jeans – I personally am a fan of the straight leg jean for all seasons but in winter when you tucking jeans into boots they can be quite useful. Skinny jeans as well as jeggings are also very useful for this; just remember to bank out the narrow silhouette with volume and length on top.
  7. The knit dress – this is a very useful item to own as it can be dressed down or up for evening occasions in winter. It creates variety in a winter wardrobe and lets you navigate away from the usually jeans or pants option whilst still keeping you warm.
  8. Stockings – these allow for summer/winter wardrobe interchange as summer items instantly become winter wearable with the addition of stockings. Again, variety, variety, variety, you can really have a lot of fun with texture and colour.
What are your winter wardrobe essentials?


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