Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting to know you


With recent events in my life, things have been a bit rough for me. That saying, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" is rather a frustrating concept for me right now because I'm not dead yet but I sure am tired of "getting stronger". But on the up side of these down times one comes to many realization and one of them that has occurred to me is the fact that I need to be more decisive and firm in the small things that make up the me that I present to the world. My tiny quirks, likes, dislikes, values, morals and opinions. Values and morals for the most part I have never had a problem with, there are simply things that I don't waver on in my own quiet way but I think that I maybe need to define the simpler, more fun and frivolous things about myself and cement them into who I am a bit more :)

So, here are a few frivolous bits of know how about me :)

  • I am a strictly chocolate girl, no vanilla, no strawberry
  • When it comes to really jewelry I will only buy and wear silver or white gold (which looks exactly like silver?!) not gold, but when it comes to general costume jewelry and accessories I will add a splash of gold
  • I love interesting and funky clothes, shoes, and handbags, things that are out of the ordinary, even if its simply the fact that there is patterned material inside the shoe.
  • I like to learn, (what a nerd), not necessarily study, but to learn about new things
  • One thing that I have learnt about myself recently, and I do realize this sounds very self congratulatory, is the fact that I can do all those things that I doubt about my self. I recently tried out a new job in something that is so opposite of my personality that all my friends where shocked but I had the greatest time and I held my own and it was something I never though I could do but I did it. And so having survived that I now know that there are few things I cannot do successfully. 
  • I've recently discovered that I am in fact a big fan of my lips and they are fast becoming my new favorite feature :)
  • Whilst I am somewhat of a shy person I do love to meet new people and makes friends in my own way
  • I don't define myself by a "relationship status" I'm not single or in a relationship, what counts in whether or not you have a special person in your life to talk to and share time with and that can't be labeled, boxed or be given a "status"
  • I am strictly a cat person, dogs aren't bad but cats are better!
  • Just because I don't say everything I think or prefer to sit back and observe a situation does not mean that there isn't a lot going on in my head, I just don't always feel compelled to blurt everything out all the time
  • I'm a total techno nerd, I wanted to study web design and IT 
  • I love to travel but I don't want to do it alone anymore, the next trip I take has to involve someone else
  • I love music but can never remember the names of songs or artists
  • I'm a morning person but I can be night person too but in order to stay awake I need to stay busy and watching movies late at night puts me to sleep
  • I am unfortunately I big quantity over quality person, something I am really trying to curb
  • I love to read but don't get too much time for it any more :(
  • I am an organisation and planning freak but only about certain areas of my life
  • I love food and eating and all things sweet 
  • I need to learn to alter my own perception of myself and see myself as the 24yr old professional that I am instead of an 18year old teenager and treat myself accordingly
So there are a few tidbits about myself :) Are there any things about yourself that you have recently learned or things that you need to assert about yourself more?

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