Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to pick yourself back up after an unexpected setback

As the lyrics from the song Collide by Howie day, "even the best fall down sometimes". As someone who rarely fails and always manages to achieve her goals I have recently suffered a setback. But more than that its the humiliation and the embarrassment that is haunting me the most. I am someone who has a tendency to beat myself up about things that don't work out. So, I'm trying my best to keep my head up and move on swiftly and placing things in order so that I can quickly fill up the void left by my failure.

Here are a few things that I am implementing to get me through this setback:

1.) ACTION: When I realized what had happened I quickly started to make inquires about what was to happen next. As well as this I also started looking into new opportunities.

2.) CRY: A good cry is sometimes a must, but don't dwell. Let yourself be sad and disappointed or whatever the feeing may be but get back up again. Hold that head high and put your thinking cap on.

3.) MUSIC: Music is something that can really have a profound effect on your mood and state of mind. So choose music that keeps your spirits up or that inspires you.

4.) ME TIME: Take a break from those around you. Regroup, take a bit of time to lick your wounds and be tender with yourself. Don't sit and wallow but acknowledge your feelings and get yourself a bit of a break, treat yourself like you would your best friend.

5.) PLAN: Start a plan of action. Evaluate the situation, the damage and your options and alternative routes. Write it all down and start moving in a new direction. Research, make phone calls and send emails to those who you think could possible open new doors for you.

What do you do when you are faced with a setback? How do you pick up the pieces?

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