Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that brighten my day

  • wearing candy coloured nail polish
  • eating chocolate
  • filler coffee first thing in the morning
  • scented candles
  • bright lipstick
  • fresh flowers
  • reading blogs
  • my boyfriends voice 
  • polka dot anything
  • music
  • fresh air
  • birds chirping
  • going for walks
  • reading 

Friday, May 21, 2010

List Love

Almost everyone I know loves list. Their uses are endless, from function to fun!
As many of you, I purchased "A Year in Yes" calendar and have loved the quotes, pictures, witty comments, and of course.......THE LISTS :)

So, as a fun activity I am going share my "Yes list" with all of you, so check back each week to see what's on my list.

Online browsing: Ruche

As some of you know by now I am a total fan of Ruche!! I ADORE their and am super bummed that with shipping and taxes I can't afford to order any of their stuff, sniff sniff. 

I am in LOVE with this bag!! It definitely on my birthday wishlist for next month! 

Disclaimer: Please note, I am in no way affiliated with Ruche and any and all post are of my own opinion and choice. 

Times like these are when I wish I had a best friend who lived overseas who could ship stuff to me, sigh.
What are you currently lusting over?
Have you ever bought anything from Ruche? Where you happy with the product and services?
Leave a comment!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
- Mahatma Gandi

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Look

I thought it was time for a change. 
This amazing new look is all thanks to A of The Glamourous Grad Student who knew what I wanted when I didn't, hehe. 

What do you lovely ladies think of the new look?
Leave your comments.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Professional Makeup Tips


Here are a few professional make up tips I picked up recently when I was a model for a makeup course:

  • do your eye makeup first to avoid spillage of the colour onto your foundation area under the eye
  • for a flawless eye shadow application that lasts all day apply a reasonable amount of foundation to the lid from lash line to brow, using a brush so that the area is the same colour as the rest of your face covering all the veins ect
  • using your ring finger press the product into the skin to attain a smooth finish
  • always remember to start right at the lash line and to use your brush to ensure this
  • then take an eye shadow brush and apply translucent powder to set the foundation, do not wait too long to do that otherwise the foundation will set and the powder will sit awkwardly on top of the product
  • again use your ring finger to tap the eyelid ensure a natural look
  • next apply your eye shadow colour in contouring motions over the eyelid from lash line to below the brow bone making sure to apply the colour right at the lash line
  • lastly, take your highlighting colour and sweep over the brow bone making sure to blend slightly with the eyelid colour to ensure a seamless finish
  • finish the eyes with mascara making sure to wiggle the brush through the lashes
  • to apply blush, find the beginning of your cheek bone and apply along the bone to the hairline and up to the temple almost like a "nike" tick shape
  • make sure that the blush is blended well and doesn't look like a strip of colour, it might be a good idea to take the blush brush dust it off and make circular motions over the applied blush area to ensure that it is blended well and looks natural
What are your best makeup applications? Have any of you done a professional makeup course?

Leave a comment,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dealing with a crisis

We have all been in the situation where a friend calls us up in tears and asks for our help. Whether it be that they broke up with their boyfriend or their parents are getting divorced to they are being retrenched, its a situation we know well.

What do you do, what do you say? How do you help them deal with the crisis. We all want to say and the right thing and solve the problem but sometimes it not that easy.

The anatomy of a crisis:
Stage one is the Pre-crisis stage
 - the person is living their life as per usual and is dealing with problems effectively.

Stage two is the crisis stage
 - an event or a set of circumstances has arisen which presents its self as a crisis for the person and they are in a dark place in their life.

It is here that is important to have a brief awareness of the 6 phases of the crisis cycle. The reason for this is so that you can identify where your friend is in the cycle and effectively help them at the point at which they are at.

The Crisis Cycle:
1.) Denial - This can't be happening
2.) Bargaining - Maybe if I do this then....
3.) Anger - Its his fault!

4.) Depression - It is extremely important to differential here between SITUATIONAL depression and CLINICAL depression. As someone helping a friend through a crisis we CANNOT deal with clinical depression. There is a huge and notable difference!

5.)  Acceptance - Its happened, I can't change it
6.) Resolution - Moving on with my life

Stage 3 is the Post-Crisis stage
- The crisis has been resolved and one of three things could result. The person has an increased coping ability, the same level of ability or a lowered level of ability.

Always remember that despite the situation the person in crisis has strengths and theses should be highlighted before leaving that persons side so that they see a glimmer of hope and and use those strengths to propose a plan of action. Also, always remember to let that person vent and get rid of their feelings.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Online browsing

Unfortunately because of the astronomical exchange rate, taxes and shipping I can't shop online at some of my favourite stores but that doesn't stop me from browsing!

Here are a few things I spotted today that are oh so cute:

 All these items are from Russe and if you live in the US their prices are not bad and the stuff is so cute and original.

What are some of your favourite places to window shop online?
Leave a comment, im always looking for new cutes shops :)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spoilt Brat

Hello to all you lovely readers,

I do apologize for my lengthy break in posts and my generally sporadic postings these past few months, life in general has been pretty crazy. As for the this recent break - firstly my silly internet provider cut me off and secondly I was whisked away for weekend of luxury :)

I stayed on a Golf course in George which is on the picturesque garden route in 3 bedroom house with underfloor heating :). I got spoilt with Lindt chocolate, jacuzzi, private golf cart, the most beautiful golf course in South Africa and an evening at the spa!

Now its back to the real world and a lot of things to get done!

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