Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to pick yourself back up after an unexpected setback

As the lyrics from the song Collide by Howie day, "even the best fall down sometimes". As someone who rarely fails and always manages to achieve her goals I have recently suffered a setback. But more than that its the humiliation and the embarrassment that is haunting me the most. I am someone who has a tendency to beat myself up about things that don't work out. So, I'm trying my best to keep my head up and move on swiftly and placing things in order so that I can quickly fill up the void left by my failure.

Here are a few things that I am implementing to get me through this setback:

1.) ACTION: When I realized what had happened I quickly started to make inquires about what was to happen next. As well as this I also started looking into new opportunities.

2.) CRY: A good cry is sometimes a must, but don't dwell. Let yourself be sad and disappointed or whatever the feeing may be but get back up again. Hold that head high and put your thinking cap on.

3.) MUSIC: Music is something that can really have a profound effect on your mood and state of mind. So choose music that keeps your spirits up or that inspires you.

4.) ME TIME: Take a break from those around you. Regroup, take a bit of time to lick your wounds and be tender with yourself. Don't sit and wallow but acknowledge your feelings and get yourself a bit of a break, treat yourself like you would your best friend.

5.) PLAN: Start a plan of action. Evaluate the situation, the damage and your options and alternative routes. Write it all down and start moving in a new direction. Research, make phone calls and send emails to those who you think could possible open new doors for you.

What do you do when you are faced with a setback? How do you pick up the pieces?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Window Shopping

While on this side of the world we are entering summer, most of you on the other side are bracing for colder weather. Whilst browsing Ruche and Modcloth I have my eye on these amazing items:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting to know you


With recent events in my life, things have been a bit rough for me. That saying, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger" is rather a frustrating concept for me right now because I'm not dead yet but I sure am tired of "getting stronger". But on the up side of these down times one comes to many realization and one of them that has occurred to me is the fact that I need to be more decisive and firm in the small things that make up the me that I present to the world. My tiny quirks, likes, dislikes, values, morals and opinions. Values and morals for the most part I have never had a problem with, there are simply things that I don't waver on in my own quiet way but I think that I maybe need to define the simpler, more fun and frivolous things about myself and cement them into who I am a bit more :)

So, here are a few frivolous bits of know how about me :)

  • I am a strictly chocolate girl, no vanilla, no strawberry
  • When it comes to really jewelry I will only buy and wear silver or white gold (which looks exactly like silver?!) not gold, but when it comes to general costume jewelry and accessories I will add a splash of gold
  • I love interesting and funky clothes, shoes, and handbags, things that are out of the ordinary, even if its simply the fact that there is patterned material inside the shoe.
  • I like to learn, (what a nerd), not necessarily study, but to learn about new things
  • One thing that I have learnt about myself recently, and I do realize this sounds very self congratulatory, is the fact that I can do all those things that I doubt about my self. I recently tried out a new job in something that is so opposite of my personality that all my friends where shocked but I had the greatest time and I held my own and it was something I never though I could do but I did it. And so having survived that I now know that there are few things I cannot do successfully. 
  • I've recently discovered that I am in fact a big fan of my lips and they are fast becoming my new favorite feature :)
  • Whilst I am somewhat of a shy person I do love to meet new people and makes friends in my own way
  • I don't define myself by a "relationship status" I'm not single or in a relationship, what counts in whether or not you have a special person in your life to talk to and share time with and that can't be labeled, boxed or be given a "status"
  • I am strictly a cat person, dogs aren't bad but cats are better!
  • Just because I don't say everything I think or prefer to sit back and observe a situation does not mean that there isn't a lot going on in my head, I just don't always feel compelled to blurt everything out all the time
  • I'm a total techno nerd, I wanted to study web design and IT 
  • I love to travel but I don't want to do it alone anymore, the next trip I take has to involve someone else
  • I love music but can never remember the names of songs or artists
  • I'm a morning person but I can be night person too but in order to stay awake I need to stay busy and watching movies late at night puts me to sleep
  • I am unfortunately I big quantity over quality person, something I am really trying to curb
  • I love to read but don't get too much time for it any more :(
  • I am an organisation and planning freak but only about certain areas of my life
  • I love food and eating and all things sweet 
  • I need to learn to alter my own perception of myself and see myself as the 24yr old professional that I am instead of an 18year old teenager and treat myself accordingly
So there are a few tidbits about myself :) Are there any things about yourself that you have recently learned or things that you need to assert about yourself more?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book Club - Twenties Girl

I would like to start out by saying thank you very much to all my lovely readers for being so patient. I do apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks. Its been a bit of a tough time for me, hopefully the worst is over and things can and will only get better from here on out.

For this months book club I would like to introduce you to the novel that has been keeping me company for the past two weeks.....

Its the latest novel by Sophie Kisella, author of the Shopaholics series, Twenties Girl.

It really is a delightful story of a young women, called Lara, who is haunted by a 23 year old ghost version of her dead great-grandmother that only she can see. Together the two of them embark on a whirlwind of adventures and Lara achieves the impossible by learning a valuable lesson from her dead relative.

I real easy read that lets you escape and keeps you smiling. The perfect novel to enjoy poolside whilst on holiday :) Get your copy HERE

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


**Sprinkling a little bit of sunshine into your day and hoping all your dreams come true**

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better Days

Just a note to say thank you to all you lovely ladies for your comments and support. I've had a bit of a rough week but to day is a bit of a better say and I'm really trying to pick myself back up again. If only every time life hands you lemons you could pack a bag and fly off to somewhere great and have an amazing holiday from your life for a week, wouldn't it be great if that was the way that life worked...... :) I really wish I could come and visit you guys all around the world an meet everyone in person, wouldn't that be great! Maybe one day when I win the lotto, hehe.

So, here is hoping that each and every one of you is having a fabulous day!!
Love and hugs

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Personal Position

I've had a little bit of a personal set back of late that has me really confused and upset and questioning a lot of things. I'm really at a bit of a loss right now as to where I should be going to from here. I'm ask all you lovely ladies out there to give me a bit of advice right now on how to put myself back together.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Study Central

I am crazy busy with studies at the moment and all of my assignments are due by the end of next month and I have 6 to do!!!! All of them essay assignments and research projects, sigh.

So, my mind is mostly in the books for the moment and here are a few tips and tricks for those busy study periods:

 - make sure you have enough space, a large table where you can stretch out and makes piles is my preference
 - have good internet access for research and possible queries that come up as you go
 - make sure you have access to a printer so you can easily have access to copies of important documents
 - colour code your files and make sure everything has their own space to keep subject separate
 - file away as you go so you don't end up with a big old pile of random papers
 - make sure you have enough pens and paper as well as staples, glue, ect whatever you need

I have a few interesting projects of my own going on at the moment that I'm hoping to get off the ground soon in between the madness so hopefully I will be sharing them all with you soon!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Rules To Live By

I'm not 100% sure where I got this list from but its just too special not to share :)

1.) A Little Pain Never Hurt Anybody

The moment I stop fearing and resisting it, the pain changes. It becomes smaller, more manageable and docile.

2.) Sunscreen is for necks and chest, not just faces

I remind myself daily that  its never too late to apply a protective layer of integrity to parts of my life I've ignored.

3.) Television is a vitamin

Toxic if taken in large quantities, but also essential for social and personal well-being. 

4.) It is good to be wrong

Being open to new info and opinions, inviting people and events to let you know where you're going wrong, is the best way to open the mind. 

5.) You can work miracles

When you are completely exhausted, stop and play. Then go back and to work. Persist and miracles will start happening, all the more wondrous because you worked them yourself. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Places I'd Like To See


  1. Paris
  2. Tuscany
  3. Ibiza
  4. Vancouver
  5. Spain
  6. Greece
  7. Thailand
Just to name a few..... I'd love to buy one of those round the world tickets for 6 months and just travel :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Winter Wardrobe Quintessential’s

  1. The long sleeve top – this for me a basic that one can't get by without, excellent for layering or wearing alone they come in various lengths as well as prints. Various necklines are also available as well as the handy ¾ sleeve which I quite like at times, especially while I am studying.
  2. The basic jersey – this is typically a v-neck sweater with long sleeves in a plain colour and a simple texture. However, the round and square neck jersey can also be included in this category. This item is easy to throw on and layer with a lacy cami or contrasting colour for a warm put together look that is simple and elegant.
  3. The coat – whether a swing jacket hitting you at the hips or a full on trench this is a "cannot do without" item. Everyone needs a coat of some form to ward against the wind, rain or snow. There is a lot of room to play here and you can get ones in varying lengths, colours, materials, and prints.
  4. The scarf – I am a hug fan of scarves and they are definitely a winter do as they keep you nice and toasty. Again, there are so many options in terms of colour, texture, thickness, length and print there is something for every taste and style.
  5. The boot – whether ankle, knee length or thigh high, a pair of boots will stand you in good stead for the winter months. This is especially true for me as it rains often here and as well as keeping my feet dry they also keep my jeans or pants dry too.
  6. The skinny/straight leg jeans – I personally am a fan of the straight leg jean for all seasons but in winter when you tucking jeans into boots they can be quite useful. Skinny jeans as well as jeggings are also very useful for this; just remember to bank out the narrow silhouette with volume and length on top.
  7. The knit dress – this is a very useful item to own as it can be dressed down or up for evening occasions in winter. It creates variety in a winter wardrobe and lets you navigate away from the usually jeans or pants option whilst still keeping you warm.
  8. Stockings – these allow for summer/winter wardrobe interchange as summer items instantly become winter wearable with the addition of stockings. Again, variety, variety, variety, you can really have a lot of fun with texture and colour.
What are your winter wardrobe essentials?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Baby

As a June Baby there are ups and downs, one up being that I get presents every six months or so, hehe, a downside is that it is in the winter holidays so everyone usually goes on holiday and so no one is around to celebrate with me :(

For the month of June this is what I plan to accomplish:

Get my research project done and dusted
This my very first research article I have ever done and it is very daunting! SO much to do and next to no time to do it in!!!

Have an amazing birthday 
As I mentioned above not many people are around when it comes to my birthday and it usually upsets me quite a bit and I while I love organizing something for my birthday everyone ends up cancelling on me :( So this year I have planned my own day with the one or two people in my life who mean I know will be there regardless :)

Find a new job
There are days when I enjoy my job and quite a few where I hate it but the fear of not finding a new one holds me back from quiting and of course the fact that I need money for food ect, haha. So, this month I am seriously going to hunt around for something better. I don't mind having large amounts of responsibility if I am paid accordingly.....

Get all my applications in order for next year
I barely started the year and I was stressing about what I was going to do next year and I'm still stressing. I have decided to send out all my applications ASAP and see what comes of it. Then I can make a decision based on what I get accepted for, a much more realistic situation to deal with.

What are you goals for June? Anyone else a June Baby? :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Things that brighten my day

  • wearing candy coloured nail polish
  • eating chocolate
  • filler coffee first thing in the morning
  • scented candles
  • bright lipstick
  • fresh flowers
  • reading blogs
  • my boyfriends voice 
  • polka dot anything
  • music
  • fresh air
  • birds chirping
  • going for walks
  • reading 

Friday, May 21, 2010

List Love

Almost everyone I know loves list. Their uses are endless, from function to fun!
As many of you, I purchased "A Year in Yes" calendar and have loved the quotes, pictures, witty comments, and of course.......THE LISTS :)

So, as a fun activity I am going share my "Yes list" with all of you, so check back each week to see what's on my list.

Online browsing: Ruche

As some of you know by now I am a total fan of Ruche!! I ADORE their and am super bummed that with shipping and taxes I can't afford to order any of their stuff, sniff sniff. 

I am in LOVE with this bag!! It definitely on my birthday wishlist for next month! 

Disclaimer: Please note, I am in no way affiliated with Ruche and any and all post are of my own opinion and choice. 

Times like these are when I wish I had a best friend who lived overseas who could ship stuff to me, sigh.
What are you currently lusting over?
Have you ever bought anything from Ruche? Where you happy with the product and services?
Leave a comment!

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