Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Mantra for 2010

I have been somewhat frustrated with my wardrobe for some time now. I really feel that the pieces I have are not congruent with the person that I am and want to present to the world. And while a whole new wardrobe and shopping spree would seem to be the answer I believe that in order to achieve my goal I need a solid plan that will allow me to build a new wardrobe over time.

Thus this my new approach to tackling my wardrobe:

  • shopping around, trying new and different stores
  • taking my time, looking at lots of different stores and seeing everything that is out there before deciding what to buy
  • quality over quantity, buying one good quality or favoured piece over 4 or 5 trendy inferior pieces
  • love over lust, buying one piece that I love as opposed to something I think is cute and have seen in magazines or on other girls
  • finding inspiration, using the internet and magazines for inspiration on pieces that I love and help me in the shopping process
  • making a list, using a list to search for the exact items that will make up my ideal wardrobe
What is your approach to shopping? Leave a comment :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

If I had a ModCloth Wardrobe

I absolutely adore ModCloth but alas because of ridiculous exchange rates as well as shipping and taxes I can't afford to buy anything off their website :( But if i could here is what I would get:

What are you currently lusting over?

Don't forget to enter the Valentine's Blog Carnival and to put a link up if you going to take part so all the lovely bloggers out there can have a chance to enter.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Have a fabulous day ladies and don't forget to check out HiFashion's new online blog shop. All *eLLa iNsPiReD* readers get 10% everything with the code HF25 so be sure to pop round and take a look at it, there is some great stuff :)


PS. If you are taking part in the latest Blog Carnival don't forget to mention it on your blog so your readers have a chance to enter too!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentines Day Blog Carnival

Theme: Valentines Day

Time: 10AM (Time zone +2:00)

Date: 8 - 21st of February 2010 (the week preceding Valentines and the week after)

Place: *eLLa* inspired


After the success of Decembers Blog Carnival its time for another one! I got loads of positive feedback and many were disappointed as to not knowing about it as they wanted to enter. So, this time its going to work a little differently. Entries will be a three step process:

Step one:
You have decided to enter. Write a small post or simply put a link to this post at the end of your latest blog post saying that you are taking part and anyone interested should head on over.

Step two:
Write and submit your post. New and old posts are welcome as long as they fit the theme. See suggestions below.

Step three:
On the day that your post is scheduled to be up write a short post/link at the end of a post telling readers that your work is up.

Its as easy as that! This way everyone will have the opportunity to take part :)

So get those submissions in. Be creative write about relationships, date ideas, singles, fashion&make up ideas, recipes, valentines day events, gift ideas ect. The possibilities are endless!!

Entries should include:

  • New or old post
  • An email link or word document containing the post and its accompanying image
  • Your name
  • Your blogs name


Send entries to or via my handy contact form.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!

So excited to read all of you entries :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Audience Participation

Calling on all readers!!!

I've got two projects on the go that require you in order to work :)

Number one: Valentines Day Themed Blog Carnival

Number two: Book Club
You might remember a while that I started an Amazon Shop as a way to express my love of reading and suggest books to all of you. Now I would like to have a monthly book club where readers submit a review of their favourite book/s of the past or present. Fiction, non fiction, fashion, fantasy you name it - all is welcome!

Simply write a short summary of your thoughts about the book and what kind of reader would like it. Include book name, picture, author and genre.

Leave a comment or send me an email.
Looking forward to your submissions!


Wednesday Wishlist

To start the new year off these are the items that I am currently keeping a lookout for:

1.) A new pair of sunglasses - I left my old ones in a dressing room while shopping:(

2.) A new signature scent - I have always just used what I happen to get as a present so this year I want to get my very own perfume

3.) A new bikini - as you may remember this item was on a previous list as well, the hunt continues

4.) A new hat for the beach - while the one here is a little more extravagant than what I want, I am on the market for a woven fedora style piece

5.) Summer dresses - I am on the look out for some cute summer dresses that I can just slip on and that can translate from day to night 

6.) A new handbag - while I am still very thrilled with my trusty black handbag that I purchase for next to nothing a few months ago I am ready to add a colourful companion (not quite as bright)

7.) A belt - for some time now I have toyed with the idea of belts and with the recent purchase of a fabulous navy dress that just screams to styled with a beige woven belt, as pictured

8.) New flats - I have a few pairs of ballet flats in neutral colours but would like to get a few embellished or coloured ones.

9.) New boots - as winter stuff starts to come into the stores I am on the hunt for a pair of winter boots for everyday wear to balance out my heeled booties which are for fancier occasions

10.) Winter jerseys - despite having lived in Canada last year and surviving -25 degrees my winter clothing is scarce so I want to get a good collection of winter jerseys and tops together

What is on your new year wishlist? Leave a comment :)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ladies of the Blogisphere - Zephyr


Rounding off the series we take a look at the lovely Zephyr of College Fashion and find out the inspiration behind her ever popular blog. From it being one of the very first blogs I started reading to watching it grown and take on a staff or writers it is an honours to have her featured here.


Name: Zephyr

Age: 22

Home town: I'm originally from Cape Cod, MA, but now reside in Boston, MA.

Blog: College Fashion (


How did you choose your blogs name?
 Originally, I was inspired by the site CollegeHumor, which my boyfriend read all the time. It was a great name that really summed up what the site was about and made it easy to understand. When I started my site, I wanted a name that would immediately let people know what the site was about, too, so that's why I chose College Fashion.

How long have you been blogging for?
 It'll be 3 years on March 1st, 2010!

What made you start your blog?
 I was in college and was reading tons of fashion blogs in my spare time, when I realized that NONE of them catered to my demographic - college students! All the blogs and magazines were for either 40 year old women who could afford couture gowns or 16 year olds in high school. So that's how College Fashion was born - it's the first fashion blog exclusively written by and for college students.

When you started your blog did you ever think that it would develop into a full time job?
 Not originally! I just did it for fun at the beginning, and once the site started to become more popular, that's when I realized I really needed to work on it full-time. At the beginning, it was really just a hobby.

What made you expand so, and employ interns to write for you?
 Well I've always wanted to have more voices on the site, because I want CF to cover lots of different perspectives on fashion. I know trends and styles can be SO different across the globe, and I want every college girl to be able to relate to the content we feature. The immediate change for me, though, that made me hire interns when I did was that I was no longer a college student as of this spring, and it didn't feel right to keep writing a blog about college fashion by myself when I wasn't even a student. I want the site to be authentic and real, never out of touch.

Even though you have a staff of writers your blog still manages to maintain a lovely cohesive quality about it, how do you manage that?
 Thanks! That's something we really work hard for. It really comes down to the attitude of our blog - our posts are always positive, always helpful, and always relevant to college girls. Also, I edit and approve everything before it hits the site, so I always have a hand in the content.

Do you allow our writers to come up with their own topics or do you assign them articles to write? We collaborate. I want to know what they want to write about, and I tell them what I think would be cool and we discuss. I think that's the best way to do it - it's easy to tell when people are writing about things they don't care about, and I don't want that to happen on CF.

I think that all of your readers were so excited about the fashion week posts and all secretly wished they could be you, how did it come about that you were invited to fashion week?
 It all comes down to how popular your blog is. I've applied for press credentials at fashion week in the past and been denied because I didn't have enough traffic coming to the site. Since we have lots of traffic now and people know about our blog, I think that's why we were invited this year(2009).

What keeps you inspired to keep blogging?
 It's all about the readers and helping them out! I get so many emails from girls who love the site, saying it's helped them become more stylish or feel better about themselves. That's the biggest motivation for me - helping people with their questions, educating people, and making fashion accessible to everyone.

What are the three blogs that inspire you the most?
 Hmm, that's a tough one! WhoWhatWear ( is great because they have such a unique blogging style, and the content is always relevant and pretty cutting edge. It's just a great daily fashion blog. Next I would have to say Jak & Jil ( because everything posted there is just droolworthy. I get so much outfit inspiration from that site! Finally, I love Gala Darling's blog iCiNG ( first because I reached out to her for blogging advice and she helped push me in the direction of a really positive change. Second because I'm a big fan of all things pink and sparkly, and third because I'm a virgo and she's all about the virgo power and obsessive organization/list-making!

What would you say is necessary for a successful blog?
 An original idea is number one. There are so many fashion blogs out there that it's impossible to be relevant if you don't have a unique perspective. And don't copy another blog's concept! You will always be seen as a copy, which just makes you look desperate and will never lead to success. Find your own perspective, do your own thing, and be unique! Also, you have to have quality content. You could have the best blog idea in the world, but if you don't have content that's helpful, relevant, and unique, you have nothing. They say content is king, and it's really true. Also, be nice to your fellow bloggers - don't spam them and say "LINK TO MY BLOG!!", beg them for link exchanges, or plug your site in every comment you leave on their site. That stuff is annoying, people see right through it, and it won't get you anywhere! Be a friend first, treat them like a person instead of a tool to help you promote your blog, and funny enough, they'll be more likely to want to help you (and your blog) out in the future.

Why do you think your blog is so popular?
 I think College Fashion is successful for two big reasons. First, we do well because we are different from all the other blogs out there. We are the only fashion blog out there that's exclusively written by and for college students, and people know and respect that. If they want info on college student fashion, they know where to find it! Also, we ALWAYS keep our readers in mind with everything we do. We don't do paid blog posts, cover irrelevant topics, or ignore what they want. We cater to our readers and always strive to write content that either solves a problem for them, entertains them, or gets them talking. They are the most important thing to us.

What do you friends, family and loved ones say about your blog? 
They think it's cool! They are always bragging about it to everyone they know, which I think is really cute. Even though my mom and dad are not tech savvy or into fashion at ALL, they totally support what I'm doing and even check the website from time to time. They're all very encouraging and awesome about it.

Do think that you will continue blogging for years to come or are you contemplating selling and entering the 9-5 work world?
 I'm not really a 9-5 type person, and the idea of "getting a job" has never really appealed to me as a creative type. Also, CF is doing really well, and I really love my job right now. I think I'll continue to do it as long as it continues to make me happy, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.


From your blog, we all know you were a fashion student, what made you go into fashion and what school did you study at?
 I actually wasn't a fashion student! I majored in Marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Fashion was just an interest I had on the side and I never planned for it to be a career at all!

Who taught you about fashion and style?
 I am pretty much 100% self-taught when it comes to style, although my stepmom is probably the first person who got me into fashion. Growing up, I never really had anyone around me who was very into style or fashion, so I kinda had to learn about things on my own. It was a LOT of trial and error. Then I moved in with my dad and stepmom as a teenager and my stepmom really started to get me into fashion. She was always bringing home cute clothes and shoes from the boutique she worked at, talking about the brands she liked and the finds she scored on eBay - it all just rubbed off and I was soon obsessed too.

What are your basic wardrobe essentials?
 A great pair of dark-wash jeans (I love my J Brand skinnies!), a solid, comfortable pair of boots (my current faves are Frye "Veronica" boots), plenty of lightweight tanks (LNA makes my favorites), cardigans in solid colors, and standout jewelry. I just got a great two-finger ring that's a great conversation piece.

What are your top shopping tips?
Know what you have and what you need! Make a list if need be, and think about every piece and how it will fit into your closet. Also, do "cost per wear" calculations. I wrote a blog post on this.

What does your daily make up routine consist of?
 Tinted moisturizer, brow pencil (I'm a natural blonde so my eyebrows are practically invisible without it), a little eyeliner, blush, mascara.

What is your evening/going out make up routine?
 I am an eye makeup addict - I love to do smokey eyes or black liquid liner and usually wear lip gloss at night, too. Nothing TOO crazy, though.

What is your favourite colour?
 Definitely pink. If I didn't live with my boyfriend, my apartment would be the ultimate girly, sparkly bachelorette pad.

I love reading and am always curious as to what peoples favourite books are, what is your favourite book?
 The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami - it's a really interesting story that sucks you in. Also, he makes great references to American culture, despite being a Japanese writer.

What is your favourite food?
Vegan nachos or vegetarian sushi. Also any sour or gummy candy.

Of all the places you have travelled with is your favourite place and why?
It would have to be Ecuador. My grandfather built banks and hospitals there when my dad was growing up, and my dad brought our family there to visit when I was just 7 years old. To go from small-town America to a 3rd-world country at such a young age completely changed my view of the world, and made me so much more aware of other cultures and appreciative of everything I have. Even today I remember it SO vividly - that trip really changed me.

Do you read College Fashion? What do you think of the new writers? Share your thoughts, leave a comment :)


Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Club

The latest edition to the *eLLa iNsPiReD* book store is the fabulous: How to walk in high heels by Camilla Morton.

An absolute must have for all women and young ladies its filled with fabulous tips and tricks from how to walk in high heels to how make small talk to changing a light bulb. There isn't anything that the modern women needs to know that isn't in this handy little hardcover.

PS. The handy housekeeping checklist is straight out of this little beauty :)

Got any go to books that keep you looking and feeling fabulous in any situation? Would any of you like to make recommendations or write reviews of your favourite books to add to the book club archive? Drop me an email!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Domestic Goddess

Housekeeping checklist

  Got this adorable list from a book of my sisters, not sure what it was called but since I've moved back into my own place it has become quite useful once again.

Once a day

_ Bed: Make it.

_ Phone: Charge it.

_ Laundry: Dirty – bin it; clean – put it away.

_ Windows and curtains: Open and air room.

_ Cushions: Plump.

_ Write "to do" list: Grocery store, errands ect.

_ Tissues, clutter, junk mail: All to bin and empty.

_ Bins in the kitchen: Empty, especially if you had takeout.

_ Black bin bags: Take them OUT – so unsightly.

_ Washing up: Ensure washing up is done daily, if not after each meal, to avoid build-up and growth of mould.

_ Wipe down: Worktops, the table, and frequented surfaces.

_ Blow out: All candles before leaving the house.

_ Sweep room: If time, or dustpan and brush.

_ Water plants: Indoors and out, check cut flowers.

Once a week

_ Duvet covers and pillows: Change them. Note: pillowcases and duvets must always be part of a matching set.

_ Carpets and rugs: Hoover.

Get the Vileda Supermop out and take it for a spin, particularly in kitchen and bathroom and on any lino flooring.

_ Toilets: Disinfect. Grim, but got to be done. Put your marigolds on.

_Widow Twankie: Get your laundry up to date; essential to keep clean undies and freshly pressed jeans in constant cycle.

_ Ocado order: Make online selection for supermarket home delivery, unless you have a pair of shoes that need supermarket training.

Once a month

_ Wipe, dust and polish: Your lair from top to toe. Yes, this does include windows and windowsills. For wooden furniture use beeswax polish; not only does it smell heavenly, but the furniture will repay you for your care and attention.

_ Hoover or sweep: (Flooring) under sofas and beds

_ Fridge: Ruthlessly eliminate any foods that are past their sell by date. Apply this to magazines and old papers; will you really want them in three years? If yes, file; if not, relegate to recycle.

_ Cooker inspection: Have you used it? If so clean it, and the same applies to your microwave; give it a wipe inside and out.

_ Dance around: With a feather duster and try to get corners.

_ Feeling energetic: Flip your mattress.

_ Go deep: Go right into the depths of the laundry bin and check nothing is loitering there.

Once a year

_ Outing: Manuals and well-groomed housewives recommend and annual trip to the cleaners for duvets, quilts and rugs.

_ Curtains and blinds: Take down for an annual spring clean.

_ Dust: Attack the tops and bottoms of all the nooks and crannies that you neglect in a weekly or monthly blitz.

_ Investigate: Exactly what you have stored under the stairs.

OR – get professional cleaners to come for half a day and blitz everything with industrial strength while you go to the gallery or something.

In addition to 'I'm washing my hair', reason for refusing a date can now include:

    Filing paperwork, love letters and bills, doing tax returns.

    Cleaning cupboards, in kitchen, bathroom and beyond.

    Dusting your chandelier.

    Polishing silverware and jewellery.

    Sorting out your underwear drawer – refold, and chuck.


Monday, January 4, 2010

ASK *ELLA* - Blogging tips and tricks

A while back I was contacted by a reader who was starting her own blog and wanted some tips. So while I still feel like a novice 99.9% of the time, even though I have been blogging just shy of a year, I sent her the following tips:

DEDICATION – is very important. Blogging is going to take a lot of your time and you have to be dedicated and willing to work hard.

THEME – choosing the right "theme" for your blog is also important. What are you passionate about what do you want to writing about? What do you want to learn about. Blogging is as much about writing about what you know as it is writing about what you learn, and at times even more so. Tweak your appearance till you have created the blog you want and look at other blogs for resources on creating your ideal appearance.

NETWORKING – is an integral part of blogging. Your followers, readers and fellow bloggers are your network and are for the most part a great source of support. Interact with readers who leave comments, follow other bloggers on twitter and leave them messages. Create friendships. Take part in blogs and any series that fellow bloggers run such as the Glamourous Grad Student's City Chic. Leave comments on other blogs as well which can often be a great source of traffic to your blog. Ask your favourite blogs to do link swaps, you add their blog to your links list and they add yours.

INSPIRATION – is something you need a constant source of. Always look for it no matter where you are. I keep a note book and am always writing down topics words and ideas. Also use your favourite blogs as sources for ideas. DO NOT COPY THEM, but be inspired by them.

RESEARCH & READING – is the backbone of a good article, especially if it is something that you are not too knowledgeable about yourself. Take time to research topics you love and again you will find inspiration for new articles. Set aside time to search the web for elements for your blog. Use sites like we heart it and flickr for pictures to add colour.

ORGANISATION – is important. You need to organise your ideas decide when you are going to post your articles. What you are going to post about and how often. This is especially necessary when you get particularly busy with classes or work. Make use of the scheduling feature and pre-type a week's worth of posts that will automatically be published on specific dates.

RESOURCES – Make use of social networking like twitter and facebook. Some interesting twitter applications to try out are tweetmeme (allows readers to retweet your articles) and twitterfeed (automatically tweets your latest article for you). Use polyvore or Looklet for outfit compilations. Widgetbox is also a handy tool for creating headers and buttons. For advertising look into Affiliate Programmes or something like Project Wonderful. Problogger is also an amazingly helpful site as is the series that Megan did over on Charade about starting your own blog. Her resources post is incredibly helpful. Lastly for a bit of free advertising try out the Indie Style Media Ad Exchange where your ad is shown on other sites who are signed up and their ad shows on yours.

What do you consider important aspects for blogging? What are your blogging tips and tricks?


Sunday, January 3, 2010

*sTuMbLeD* - nEw YeArS eDiTiOn

Here are some of my favourite New Years blog post and projects to take part in:

Love 365 is an amazing project by the lovely Vanessa of Chicken Soup for the Dorky Soul

M.Y.L.A on Charade is a great way to start your year and live it to the fullest

Contribute something to City Chic and put your town/city on the map

Get your creative juices flowing and think about your contribution to my Blog Carnival 2010

Get ready for 2010 and set yourself some goals for the year ahead

Get organised by following these tips

Forgive yourself for things that happened in 2009 and start 2010 as the best you, you can be

In order to set your goals and be the best you, you have to get to Get to know yourself

Enjoy these fabulous New Years Blog Posts :)


Goals for 2010 - Starting with myself

As the New Year signals "a clean slate" so to speak it is a good time to start deciding what you would like to achieve. While I personally have so many things that I want to do this year it has resulted in somewhat of a confusion in my mind as to how I am going to be able to do everything and when I am going to get everything done. Also in true me style the year has scarcely begun and I have been stressing about what my next move is, where do i go from here, what am I going to do when I graduate at the end of the year? What am I going to do my masters in? Am I going to be going overseas? Can I get a bursary? Should I wait and go overseas next year? These thoughts are all whizzing through my head at 100 miles an hour.

So, I thought I would start small. With myself and leave the rest of it for another day.

This year I want to start taking care of myself. I want to make sure that I face each day looking and feeling the very best that I can whether I am going out, at work or in doors for the day studying.

So I want to:

1.) Get up each week day at 7:30
2.) Eat breakfast everyday
3.) Get dressed and look presentable everyday no matter what I have planned
4.) Take my vitamins everyday
5.) Watch the news every morning so I am on top of world events
6.) Say my affirmations daily while I get ready


7.) Work on defining my style with pupose and designing a closet around that
8.) Buying fewer pieces and saving up money to shop instead of buying frivolous items on a whim
9.) I want to have fun with my hair and try a few new styles
10.) I want to start painting my nails and giving myself weekly mani's and pedi's
11.) I want to get my eyebrows professionally shaped
12.) I want to learn how to do my make up professionally

These are the thingst to treat myself to, to start the year. The rest of my worries and anxieties can take a backseat for now.

What are some ways or things that you want to treat yourself to or accomplish this year? Let me know, leave a comment :)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things to do in the New Year

  • Decide on a new signature beauty item for the year ahead, a new scent, lipstick colour, nail polish or jewelry item

  • Set your desktop background or frame your favourite photo of yourself to remind you of how amazing and beautiful you are

  • Write down a list of 10 fun things to do in your town/city that don't involve spending money and then do them

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