Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals for 2010 - Starting with myself

As the New Year signals "a clean slate" so to speak it is a good time to start deciding what you would like to achieve. While I personally have so many things that I want to do this year it has resulted in somewhat of a confusion in my mind as to how I am going to be able to do everything and when I am going to get everything done. Also in true me style the year has scarcely begun and I have been stressing about what my next move is, where do i go from here, what am I going to do when I graduate at the end of the year? What am I going to do my masters in? Am I going to be going overseas? Can I get a bursary? Should I wait and go overseas next year? These thoughts are all whizzing through my head at 100 miles an hour.

So, I thought I would start small. With myself and leave the rest of it for another day.

This year I want to start taking care of myself. I want to make sure that I face each day looking and feeling the very best that I can whether I am going out, at work or in doors for the day studying.

So I want to:

1.) Get up each week day at 7:30
2.) Eat breakfast everyday
3.) Get dressed and look presentable everyday no matter what I have planned
4.) Take my vitamins everyday
5.) Watch the news every morning so I am on top of world events
6.) Say my affirmations daily while I get ready


7.) Work on defining my style with pupose and designing a closet around that
8.) Buying fewer pieces and saving up money to shop instead of buying frivolous items on a whim
9.) I want to have fun with my hair and try a few new styles
10.) I want to start painting my nails and giving myself weekly mani's and pedi's
11.) I want to get my eyebrows professionally shaped
12.) I want to learn how to do my make up professionally

These are the thingst to treat myself to, to start the year. The rest of my worries and anxieties can take a backseat for now.

What are some ways or things that you want to treat yourself to or accomplish this year? Let me know, leave a comment :)


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