Monday, June 14, 2010

Five Rules To Live By

I'm not 100% sure where I got this list from but its just too special not to share :)

1.) A Little Pain Never Hurt Anybody

The moment I stop fearing and resisting it, the pain changes. It becomes smaller, more manageable and docile.

2.) Sunscreen is for necks and chest, not just faces

I remind myself daily that  its never too late to apply a protective layer of integrity to parts of my life I've ignored.

3.) Television is a vitamin

Toxic if taken in large quantities, but also essential for social and personal well-being. 

4.) It is good to be wrong

Being open to new info and opinions, inviting people and events to let you know where you're going wrong, is the best way to open the mind. 

5.) You can work miracles

When you are completely exhausted, stop and play. Then go back and to work. Persist and miracles will start happening, all the more wondrous because you worked them yourself. 

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