Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ideal Wardrobe

Hey guys,

So, not being a born fashionista myself I have been trying for may years to achieve the "ideal wardrobe". It seems that I have finally made some good headway this year. This is all thanks to my favourite blogs which are littered with a wealth of information on wardrobe taming, personal style and dream wardrobes.

The key, I discovered is to scour your top 4 or 5 blogs and gather all the articles they write on fashion, clothing, personal style, wardrobe taming ect and read then all with a highlighter in hand, or save them in microsoft word which also has a highlighting function, and mark all the aspects of each article that appeal to you, your lifestyle or are simply something that you would genuinely do. From this you can build you own personal bible of tips, tricks and ideas which you can apply in your quest to never again have nothing to wear.

After being inspired by some really great articles and doing some thinking on my own I have come up with two ideas to fuel the my quest for the Ideal Wardrobe:
  • have an inspiration outfit. This idea actually came from the interior desgn programme "Dress My Nest" hosted by Tom Filicia. In the early episodes of his show he asks his clients to get to put together an inspiration outfit which he then translated into interior design and used as the base for his makeover of their space. Do the same. Pick out your favourite outfit that you just love to wear and take a really good look at it. Why is it that you love this look, what are the pieces? What colours do you like, are you formal or casual? Do you like prints, textures or vintage pieces? This outfit can tell you alot about what pieces would make up your ultimate wardrobe.Use it as a base for your wardrobe and translate the key aspects that the outfit reveals in to the rest of your wardrobe.
  • break out of your shopping comfort zone. This is one that i desperately need to make more of an effort to implement. Are you always wondering where some people seem to buy all those cute clothes from? Obviously not the stores you frequent so change it up a bit and look in all those small little places you've always seen but pass on your way to your popular stores you always comb. Even if you think they are out of your price range. You might end up finding an absolutely amazing piece that you are willing to pay extra for in place of going to a cheaper more frequented store and buy two or three average pieces that you buy just because they are there and dont really fit in with your aesthetic.
I hope that these ideas have given you some spark to get out there and shop :)

In my next article I shall share the inspiring tips and tricks I have gathered from my favourite blogs that make up my own guide to the Ideal Wardrobe as well as where to find those tips yourself.

Have fun and enjoy :)


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