Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Twist on The "Daily Outfit" Photo


I have read many a wardrobe taming article which re-iterates the importance of the "daily outfit" photo or simply the idea of making up outfits and taking photos for inspiration or to avoid "fashion brain freeze" when you simply "have nothing to wear".

I also came across the idea of taking pictures of your clothes and trying to make outfits by pairing the pictures. This idea is much more "me". I'm not a details person and have a rather short attention span so a project as big as taking all my clothes out and trying on numerous outfits and packing it all away simply does not fit with me.

So, evolving the idea to yet another level I thought of the perfect tool - POLYVORE. What I suggest you do is search for items that resemble the items in your closet or even better, install the "clip to polyvore" function and search the stores online websites where you bought the clothes and create your wardrobe in your "items" in your polyvore profile.

When you have all the items or replica's of them you can then mix and match items and accessories to create and save hundreds of inspirational outfits. This technique can also be used if you are contemplating purchasing an item, especially with online shopping, and want to see if it will fit in with the rest of your existing wardrobe and what sort of outfits you could create with it.

Have fun and enjoy :)


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