Thursday, September 24, 2009


This past year has been a hard one for me as I planned on it being something completely different to what it turned out and have really been struggling with the sense of failure that has been lingering as a result. This same feeling I feel is what is holding me back from turning what I had left of the year into a success and what is standing in the way of making me feel like I can make next year a success. I am one of those people who has never really failed at things that I have attempted. I've always completed the tasks put before me so when I made plans to go overseas for a year I just assumed that I would be able to do.

Unfortunately, I failed miserably and did not complete my mission. I took a huge risk and in this instance it did not pay off. I was devastated. I tried again and got an amazing job and was all set to leave again and embark on an amazing adventure, however, this time it was logistical problems that kept me from my goal as the particular visa I had was not adjustable.

I can't say that this year has been a complete waste as I have achieved some amazing things:
  • one year anniversary with my boyfriend, we may not have stayed together had I been overseas
  • worked hard and earned a nice sum of money that I have invested and has allowed me to be financially independant
  • enrolled in the most amazing dance school and expanded my dancing repertoire. I live and breath dance.
  • met some really amazing people.
  • and of course starting this blog
And so, the next chapter of my life is almost on me and I have decided to work hard to achieve the most important goal that I will ever have in my opinion, becoming completely and totally independent from my parents. For this particular goal I will be giving myself one year.


In this year I will do the following:
  1. Get a job that will support me completely with the aim of paying my rent 6 months into the year
  2. Complete my honours degree in psychology and pass with 80%
  3. Change peoples lives with my community and volunteer work
  4. Get a paid internship for after graduation
  5. Apply for and get into my Masters in either America or London
  6. Apply for and qualify for a full bursary for my Masters
  7. Save up enough money for a two month backpacking trip through Europe in 2011
In preparation for this over the next two months i will be:
  1. finding an apartment that comes in under my budget
  2. sending out my resume and applying for jobs
  3. cleaning out my room and throwing away so that I can move everything 
  4. working to earn as much as I can so that I can support myself
  5. doing research on different schools and bursaries that I can apply for
Posting all of this here is an extra motivation for me to achieve my goals as I know that all of you will be reading this. I am also going to be posting progress reports every few months to keep myself motivated and on track. I really feel that I need to achieve these goals to prove to myself and my parents that I am a success and not a failure.

I apologize that this is a little bit of an intense post and not along the lines of my usual articles but I feel it is important to myself that I share my story with you. Hopefully I will inspire you and together with the help each other achieve all our goals.

If you have any big goals or life changing decisions that you would like to achieve start your own PROJECT - name it what ever you would like, even the same as mine and leave the link in the comments section or email me so that I can support you in PROJECT.

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