Saturday, September 5, 2009

Travel Must Haves

Flying anywhere overseas from South Africa can an excutiatingly long flight. When I went overseas for the first time I was in the air for 20 hrs. As such I have learnt that there are certain "must have items" that are necessary for a comfotable journey.

1.) Facial wipes - they are multifunction, easy to use and refreshing.

2.) Neck pillow - but not just any one. The one that I swear by takes up more space then your average blow up one but is so worth it. The one side of it is "swollen" so that your head can actually fall and rest to one side comfotably as opposed to flop from side to side as you fall asleep.

3.) Sandals - for a long flight its so much more comfotable to be wearing open shoes and also eliminates the odour factor of taking of closed shoes. Also, if you are flying to the United States you are required to remove your shoes at security check points and sandals thatyou can slip off make life so much easier.

4.) Money belt - while not very attract they are very functional when it comes to keeping your money and passport safe while you sleep on the plane. I have a slim travel one and what I normally do is carry it in my carry on until I am on the plane then discreetly slide it on under my top so that when I fall asleep I know everything is safe. Also should anything happen to my carry on I'm not stranded.

5.) Pashmina - these are multifunctional and really useful to have. The can double as a shawl or light weight blanket or scarf for when you reach your destination if it is chilly.

6.) Sudoku - I am a huge fan of sudoku and it actually hapened when i purchase one at an airport shop to keep me busy on the plane. I've been an addict ever since. Great for when you can't sleep or are tired of watching movies.

7.) Book/journal - reading and writing are also great things to do on a plane to pass the time and i always carry both so that I have options.

8.) Location - whilst window seats definately have their upsides on a flight of 20 hrs you are better off on an isle seat. You can get up and go to the bathroom without disturbing anyone, you can reach into the stow away compartment to get any itens you need and you can simply get up to strech your legs at any point during the flight.

These are are a few of my tried and tested airplane must have, what are yours? Got any tips or tricks on how to make a long flight more comfortable? Do Share!

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