Saturday, September 26, 2009

*wArDrObE wOnDeRs*

Everyone's wardrobe is different and unique and everyone's sense of style is just as different and unique. Thus, everyone's list of "essential wardrobe items" should be as different and unique as they are. Here I am going to show you some of my wardrobe basics and essentials items and the different ways I dress them up.

First up is the perenial vest. I am a HUGE fan of vest. Personally I don't own many tee's or the tee's i do own are not basic assuch they have embelishments or funky and different ssleeves. I think it comes from living in a town that is so hot in summer that I veer towards sleeveless basics or layer.

I personally favour a ribbed vest/tank over a solid material alternative and while I am picky about the material I don't spend loads of cash on them. I have one that I bought which is of a high quality and the rest I buy in bulk, 2-3, when I see them in the material that I like as they make up a huge part of the basis of many of my day to day looks.

Look no 1

I personally love this look and am always pairing my vests with my favourite black boyfriend cari I got overseas from Charlotte Russe. My favourite is this look with jeans but it also rocks with a great pair of shorts.

Look no 2

I love scarves and have an extensive collection. Their versatitity is what draws me to them as well their ability to add colour to an outfit and the look with a simple addition.

Look no 3

I am not some one who wears loads of accessories but I think that a fabulou necklace or pair of earings can lift a simple item like a vest and make it an item. Accessorize to distinguish between day and or bussiness and varsity.

Finally I just decide to create a few fun examples of outfits I wear using my key item, the vest.


What do you think of vests and tank tops? Are they something that you have in your wardrobe?

Have an inspirational day


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