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15 Things Every Woman Should Own

Author: Luinae

Blog: More Magic Always

Date: 23 August

While I am not quite a girl, but not yet a woman- I am a young adult. Lately, between all of my travel, back to school shopping, style posts, I've been giving some thought to what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. And not a ditzy, perfume wearing, shopaholic, clubbing woman. I'm talking about about an empowered woman. She is confident, beautiful, and in possesion of the skills, clothes, and knowledge she needs to make a wonderful life for herself. Why 15 things every woman should own? Well, I am currently 14 years old, and in keeping with the theme set in this post- I will be 15 at my next birthday, and I should have amassed these 15 things. Here is what I think every woman should have in her life:


1. The Perfect Dress- And I don't think it has to be black, either. (Black has the tendancy to make me look like a goth) Choose your favourite colour(s) and find this perfect dress. You should be able to wear it to cocktail parties, weddings, dances, graduations, or times when you just want to feel extra cute!

2. A Passport- Because travelling is eye-opening and interesting, not to mention great style inspiration! And what is more fabulous then jetting off to Europe or America? Nothing, that's what.

3. A Makeup Kit- Every woman's kit will be different- some will hold barely 12 products, while others will need shelves to organize there collection. I think every woman should own a makeup kit because it's a mood booster and it helps you feel great, and it's totally fun! Besides, studies show that women who wear makeup will get a promotion faster. Who knew?

4. An Ipod- Because music is the soul of life. It has the power to insire and move, and bring happiness and joy. And when you have an Ipod, you get to enjoy all the fun of buying cute headphones and cases! What 21st century woman doesn't have a portable music player, full of fabulous songs?

5. A Gorgeous Wallet- Instead of having to dig around in your purse, whip out a fantastic wallet- it should carry your keys, credit/debit cards, cash, coupons, I.D, and receipts. Mine is a beautiful black wallet that was a present from my sisters 2 years ago- I wouldn't even dream of carrying something else. You should be able to toss it into your bag and go.

6. A Best Lady Friend- While you don't own this, what would a woman be without one? If you have nothing else on this list- you must have a best lady friend! She should be honest, caring, funny, intelligent, has some similar and some different interests, who goes fun adventures with you, does silly things at midnight and make you feel better. The one you call when you had the crappiest day in the world because hearing her voice makes it better.

7. A Perfect Coat- Preferrably a cut that will never go out of style- peacoats and trenchs are my favourites. You should be able to wear this coat with ANYTHING, and it should be good enough quality to last for years.

8. A Gorgeous Planner- Personally, I am in love with my soft cover moleskine planner. This item is necessary- to be filled with all of the things to do in your life. Now, you will never miss an appointment, party, or anything ever again. A truly essential item that you will carry everywhere, so make it stylish. I love moleskines but there are other cute options like pink leather planners and such.

9. Big, Dark Sunglasses- For some extra movie star appeal, to be incognito, to hide dark circles, and to spy on your Ex while in Starbucks. O.k, maybe not that last one! Seriously though, these are such an essential! They help you look pulled together on days when you feel blah, and they protect your eyes from the sun- which could actually prevent eye wrinkles.

10. A Scarf- This is a personal style obsession of mine, but every woman should have one. It adds instant style to a t-shirt, suit, or dress. No matter what colour or style you choose, and if you want to wear it in a Parisian knot, a head wrap, or a knot- it will ad instant oomph and style to your outfit. How very French.

11. A Big Bag- Because you need to carry around lots of things, like your planner, cellphone, wallet, pens, a book, waterbottle, and all of the other things your purse seems to collect. Everyone has their favourites, so there is no right style, but you need one!

12. Fantastic Gloves- Probally one of the lesser known items on this list, but I believe that the right pair of gloves can instantly pull an outift together, especially in the Fall, Winter, and Spring when you are so often see in a coat, gloves are instant style. This is not the time to be sedate- amass a collection of pinks, blacks, blues and all colours of the rainbow!

13. A Favourite Accessory- As of the moment, mine are super long earrings. They accentuate my long neck and elegant collarbones- 2 of my favourite parts of my body. Cafe Fashionista is rarely seen without a cocktail ring, it is her favourite- something you can incorporate into an outfit and something you love. It tends to change with time, but they are essentail, as they make the outfit you.

14. A Pair of Heels- Oh, what a glorious item! They improve your posture, make you look slimmer, are impossibly chic, and give you an air of confidence. Black or purple, closed or peeptoe, 3 or 4 inch, the choice is yours. You may have to spend a little bit of extra money to get the perfect ones, but darling- it is so worth it.

15. A Hat- You can pull one off, there are about a million kinds out there, so I don't want to hear any excuses! Berets are so, so chic, top off an outfit perfectly, can be worn with an air of nonchalance- and you will look like you stepped off the train from France. Vintage shops are paritcurly good for this, as the hats there will carry an old movie star glam feel.

What do you think a woman should have in her life? What do you think of my list? 


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