Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 20’s = Puberty for the mind

Author: Linda
Date: 10 May

I thought the teen years were awkward, but it seems like puberty has an equally blundering and self-conscious sibling known as the 20s.

Rather than growth spurts, hair in new places, and manic sexual urges you have new ideas about the world, self-reflection and a never-ending quest to find our destined path/job/lover/life and I find this new stage scarier than when my chest first appeared.

Your previous institution has kicked your behind out of their pearly-gated, green-grass-growing 'safe zone', degree in hand, and now you're in the real world my friend.

While in school, you were either one of two things: a hippie-dream-following-liberal-arts-geek or a suit-wearing-shades-of-grey-right-or-wrong-practical-degree-follower. If you were the latter, you are probably behind a cubicle somewhere, enjoying the cash flow but hating yourself for pursuing that business degree. Let's leave you 'colors-within-the-lines' folk aside. I want to talk about my liberal arts, hippie brethren and sistren (and yes, that is the female equivalent).

If you decided to follow your dreams, I feel you. The job market sucks and the writers at Avenue Q hit the nail on the head with the question, "What can you do with a B.A. in English?" Nothing apparently. So you move back home to save money, see your dreams fluttering by when you couldn't afford your ivy-league dream schools and think three little letters to yourself:


So four years of working your butt off momentarily flickers in your mind as a waste; since those As in your portfolio aren't looking like anything concrete. No worries you think. You always etched in 300 back-up plans in your monthly planner. But those red ink x's you scratch above your original plans bring you down.

Sure, maybe life did not quite plan out the way you had hoped, but if you are anything like me, the surprises are what it is about. Yeah puberty had the mystery of training bras and maxi pads, but the 20s has a lifetime of surprises to begin to unravel.


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