Monday, December 28, 2009

More Magic Always Defines Beauty

Author: Luinae

I have long wanted to write my own definition of beautiful. So, here we go! This is what I, and not society, thinks makes a beautiful woman today.

To be frank, I'm fed up with being told what beautiful is. I don't want to hear one more time that being tan makes you look prettier- it has nothing to do with how "beautiful" you are. I am not 6 foot tall and I don't weigh 110 pounds and I'm not going to. I don't have perfect proportions but that does not make me less beautiful. So what does make you beautiful?

♥ A beautiful woman is passionate about something- art, design, writing, math, fashion, politics, whatever!

♥ A beautiful woman is stylishly organized. She has a lovely planner and is never rumaging through a disorganized purse for keys.

♥ A beautiful woman speaks eloquently. She uses proper sentences and can communicate her ideas.

♥ A beautiful woman may know what the current trends are. And then she wears whatever she feels like and makes her feel good.

♥ A beautiful woman is not afraid of showing the world who she truely is. She embraces the unique person she is each and every day.

♥ A beautiful woman embraces her unique appearance. She isn't upset because she has a large bust, dark skin, brown eyes, or a short torso. She makes the most of what she has.

♥ A beautiful woman has a talent of some sort. Anything and everything goes. Women who can sing, write poetry, argue a point, run a marathon, write a PhD, write novels, blog daily, dress elegantly are all talented.

♥ A beautiful woman is clean and well kept. She may or may not wear makeup and have a polished hair style. But she will make an effort to wash her face, etc.

♥ A beautiful woman loves her life.



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