Sunday, December 13, 2009

Learning to center yourself

During those times when you are crazy busy or things are just too much for you to deal what do you do to cope? When you are stressed or worried about things what do you do to help yourself deal? How do you quell those anxiety ridden moments or periods in your life? What do you do to center yourself and return to who you are and not let the situation or feels overtake you?

Here are a few things that I turn to help me center myself during those turbulent times:

  • Music - to me music is a hugely stabilizing influence in my life. To me there are few things that are more fun than putting on loud cheery dance worthy music and sing your lungs out or dance like a crazy person or even dress up with your girlfriends and pretend you are the performers and go crazy. Nothing taking my mind off things like music, singing and dancing like a crazy person.
  • Breathing - i find the deep breathing is very powerful. Sitting down and taking a few deep calming breathes with your eyes closed can do wonders. This is especially powerful if you find yourself in a situation where there is something bothering you and constantly on your mind that is causing constant anxiety.
  • Movement - as mentioned above dancing like a crazy person can be very freeing. Other things that I like to do involving movement are combining breathing with stretches or simple arm movements. Just like you see in all the ballet movies. Pretend you are a ballerina for a few minutes and take a few deep soothing breath while lifting and moving your arms around your body in swinging motions or above your head in a pirouette pose. 
  • Get out - if you are sitting at home brewing about what ever is going on yo need to get out. Get dressed and make sure you look fabulous, because you are, and head out for a walk. Have a place in mind like the park or a coffee shop or go to a little street with your favourite little shops and boutiques and take a look. The exercise and fresh air will do you good and take your mind off the problem. 
  • Write - the power of the written word is often over looked. The act of writing down your thoughts, feelings and confusions can be very therapeutic and do great things for you. Its a purging of your feelings. If you are musician you can even write a song, and then perform it as a way of getting it out. Start a journal today :)
What things do you do to center yourself when things are overwhelming? Share, leave a comment :)


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