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Etiquette Tips for the Charming College Gal

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Blog: The Glamourous Grad Student

Date: 20 July

On wearing pajamas to class
Don't. Just don't. A friend of mine says this has become quite the trend on her campus, but think for a sec about what it says about you. Your professors are the people you'll be asking for reference letters and hitting up for summer internships. Do you really want them thinking you can't keep it together sufficiently to find pants for your 9am lecture? It screams of poor time management, and screams "I don't care about your class enough to make an effort". So don't. Just don't.

On classroom participation
Classroom participation is good. Your lecturers like it when their classes act like they've got a pulse. Just don't be that person who goes "mmmmm, uh-huh, of course...." to every second thing he or she says. Your peers will think you are sucking up, and if you are not careful you'll get a very proper and intellectual smack-down from a lecturer who is just tired of you interrupting!

On the right way to answer questions
The tutorial room is deathly silent. You tutor has asked what the answer to homework question 4 was, and in response a tumbleweed blows past. You put up your hand and say, "Um... is it... x=7?" As a girl, this is something I have done many many times. You did the homework, you know the answer. So be assertive. "I got x=7" is a far more confident answer, without being show-offy. Be remembered as the assertive gal who is not afraid to raise her hand, not the quiet mouse who won't even breathe aloud for fear of being called on.

On napping
A lecturer once approached a boy in my class and told him it was his business if he wanted to sleep, but could he please not put his head on the table. How embarrassing!! The lesson is not to fall asleep. What is the point of being there if you do anyways? If you really do want to attend your class but stayed out too late the previous night, pick up some strong coffee and sit near the back of the room where your very unobtrusive sipping noises won't disturb. Use brightening concealor so you don't look like the living dead.

Would you ever come to class in your pajamas?


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