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More Etiquette Tips for the Charming College Girl

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Blog: The Glamourous Grad Student

Date: 22 July

On eating in class

There are likely to be times (especially if you are a science undergrad as I was) when you have a monster block of lectures and labs that is unavoidable. You need to eat, or you'll end up like a friend of one of my friends who passed out in her physics lab. I think most lecturers are reasonable and understand this. But there are still some key points to observe here....

Eating in practical chemistry or biology labs is not ok. As a general rule, if your class requires the donning of latex gloves it is neither safe nor proper to stuff a Mars bar into your mouth with one hand and have the other in a fume hood.

Assuming you are in a regular class, if it smells or makes noise when you eat it, walk on by. This means no egg-mayo sandwiches, no smoky bacon crisps, no toasties with melted cheddar cheese, no onions, no garlic. I've been the person sitting in the next seat, trying not to barf on someone's head because the idiot next to me thought egg-mayo and onion sandwich was an appropriate lunch on-the-go. Thinking about it now, I have to try not to barf on my keyboard.

Personally, I think the best option by far is a fruit smoothie which you can get fresh or in a bottle. You can sip unobtrusively and the fruit perks you right up. Much better for you than a Mars bar, and should tide you over if you've had a hearty breakfast.

On mobile phones

In class, they are a no no. If you are perchance your sister's birthing partner and she is nearing her due date, feel free to keep your phone on vibrate in your pocket, and sit near the door for a swift exit, making sure to email your professor to explain as soon as possible. If you are expecting a call from your friend about preparations for the keg party you are hosting, switch it off, put it away. Never answer a phone in class. A classmate of mine did so once. Our tutor ate him.

On computer kiosk monopolization

I once had an assignment to print off, went to a computer room and was confronted with a sea of people on freakin' Bebo. The girl waiting ahead of me was in a class with me and we started chatting, me freaking out more with every passing minute because nobody would get up and get off freakin' Bebo. Finally someone moved and she let me go ahead, since she was only going on Bebo. So look, Bebo addicts, some people in college actually have work to do. It may be a surprise if you haven't logged off Bebo since 2005, but it's true. If there is a fellow student checking their watch repeatedly/shooting you death glares/having a silent panic attack, do the right thing and give up your computer if all you are doing is mindlessly procrastinating. And boys (if any of them read this blog!!)? If I were single and a guy did that for me, I'd be mightily charmed by the modern chivalry. Just in case you needed an extra reason to display decent manners. Mostly you should do it because one day, you'll wish someone would do the same for you.

Are you a charming college gal or should you enroll in charm school?


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