Thursday, December 17, 2009

Makeup For All Occasions

Author: Luinae
Blog: More Magic Always
Date: 17 October

Are you still holding onto that old, melted lipstick? Well, first of all THROW IT OUT and then read this post to find out the expiry dates on your makeup. And then find out what you really need. Forget all that old makeup you have taking up drawer space and get some new products for all the things you do!

If you're working with little kids………..try a cream eyeshadow- You want to look friendly to young children so get rid of dark shadows and use a light cream eyeshadow so you look fresh and wide awake! I wear nude cream eyeshadow when I mentor a child once a week, very low maintenance.

If you've got tons of extracurriculars………..try a cream blush- Cream blush gives you a natural flush that helps you look attentive, and makes your skin look more glowy then powder. Plus, it's long lasting!

If you're playing a sport………..try a tinted moisturizer- Makeup sweating off your face is not cool, so save yourself the effort and wear tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. Add a bit of mascara to look pretty, not sweaty.

If you're going out with friends………..try fun eyeliner- For a night out with friends, swap your boring brown eyeliner for a fun colour- I like purple. Way more cute and colourful.

If you're going to a celebration………..try red lip gloss- If you'll be at a carnival, celebration etc. try a red lip gloss to make your whole  face glow! Gloss is way less harsh than lipstick and totally fun!

If you're having a relaxing Sunday………..try a multi purpose colour stick. A soft pink shade will work on your lips, cheeks, and eyes- perfect and fuss free!

If you've got a date………..try a lip stain for a healthy glow. Plus, studies show that guys like lips that look bare compared to the super slicked gloss look. Also, the guy won't have lipstick on his lips!

If you're going shopping………..try shades of beige. Nudes are natural and flattering, and they'll take you through a whole day of shopping. Apply a champagne coloured eyeshadow to the lid and finish with a shiny nude gloss.

If you're going to the movies………..try two toned eyeliner. Dab some plum gel eyeliner in the inner v and use a navy blue pencil on the outer or your top and bottom lashes. Blend into one another to make a serious statement.

If you're going to a part time job………..try contoured eyes- Pick up an eyeshadow palette from Revlon or N.Y.C to give yourself a sophisticated and sculpted look. Sweep the darker shades on outer corners and creases, and the lighter ones on inner corners and brow bones.



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